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Capcom Shows Love For Their Fans at E3

Capcom makes good games. But if you’ve ever played Aladdin for Super Nintendo, I feel like I don’t need to explain that to you. The company responsible for classic releases such as DuckTales and Mega Man was celebrating the 30th anniversary of arguably their most famous IP Street Fighter at E3. And they definitely knew how to go all out with their display for the event.

What instantly caught my eye was the company’s 30th anniversary display for Street Fighter. In addition to the numerous places to play the game, Capcom had an entire wall dedicated to the history of the series. Beginning with the original 1987 game and ending with the recent Street Fighter V, each main series game had its own dedicated screen, complete with factoids about the games. Did you know that Ken and Ryu play the exact same in the first game? Because I didn’t.

However, Street Fighter wasn’t the only franchise that got some love. Capcom hosted a number of arcade-like setups for the iconic Blue Bomber (which is Mega Man’s hip nickname by the way), showcasing the new Mega Man Legacy Collection 2. Does this mean that they’re testing the waters for Mega Man 11? Please? Are you reading this, Capcom?

Finally, just to show that they want to go all-out on fanservice, Capcom set up glass cases with figurines of their games’ characters, with everything from adorably small Street Fighter to a full statue of Dante from Devil May Cry. The crowning jewel? A Marvel Vs. Capcom representation of Iron Man battling Mega Man. Top that, Batman V Superman.

Capcom may not always perfectly please their fans. After all, people have been waiting for new releases from some of their classic series for quite some time. However, their E3 setup shows they still know how to show appreciation to their diehard fans. Now about making another Talespin game…

Featured photo courtesy of Sean Lee


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June 14, 2017
By Anthony Elio

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