June 16, 2024

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Want to Get Paid to Blog? Here’s What You Need to Know

What You Need to Know About Blogging, Going into the 2020s

The past couple of decades have been remarkably good for writers. Whereas writers in the twentieth century needed the right credentials, skills, and luck to make money from their passion, it has now become easy to reach a massive audience. With self-publishing, tons of online magazines, and a booming freelance economy, only indecision stands in one’s way.

One of the biggest boons to writers everywhere has been the rise of blogging. You can connect with an audience immediately, without having to worry too much about every single word, and actually make money off it. Millions around the world have done so and continue to do so. If you’re thinking of creating your own blog, get the fastest WordPress hosting to ensure you have all the right tools.

But is it financially viable to start a blog as we enter the 2020s? The blogosphere hit saturation point years ago. What place is there for new writers?

Find Your Niche

One of the most important factors to take into account if you’re considering blogging is that it is no longer good enough to write about anything and everything. There are already too many established websites out there writing generic content. Going niche, on the other hand, is extremely effective.

Numbers-wise, with billions of people connected online, there is a large audience for almost every niche. However, the more niche you go, the fewer writers there are. This is why technical bloggers have such great opportunities today. They have millions of potential readers, but few have both the technical abilities along with the ability to write.

You can even make a living writing about a particular aspect of a piece of software. One blog that I read regularly focuses entirely on Logic Pro X. Millions of people use the music making software, and guides which explain the ins-and-outs of its midi instruments are incredibly useful.

Affiliate Marketing Pays

When you go niche, you can also make more money with affiliate links. Using the example of the Logic Pro X blog, the blogger makes a lot of their income from partnerships with software developers that make particular plugins.

Affiliate marketing seems unpalatable to some because it can feel like you’re selling out. Many bloggers don’t want to use their platform to advertise to the readers who trust them. However, you can partner up while sticking to your principles. If you only market companies that you actually trust, you can add value to your readers lives while still making money. All good bloggers need their readers’ trust. When you’ve earned that trust, they will understand that your income need not compromise their experience.

Allow Guest Posts

One more effective way of earning income from your blog is by allowing other bloggers to pay for guest posts. One of the most effective SEO practices is backlinking. A link from an authority website legitimizes a page in the eyes of a search engine. Many bloggers are willing to part with money to achieve this.

Again, only feature guest posts from blogs and sites that you actually approve of. This way, you can add value while making money, and help others like you along the way.

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