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Azio Aventa Gaming Mouse
By Evan Kelley
By I&T Today

Azio’s Aventa Gaming Mouse Review: Great for First-Person Shooters

Here’s one for all you PC gamers out there—Azio’s Aventa Backlit Gaming Mouse. This mouse is sleek, modern, and built for a smooth and efficient gaming experience, perfect for first-person shooters.

Check out our unboxing review video below:


Full Transcript: Azio’s Aventa Backlit Gaming Mouse Review

What’s up guys? This is Evan with Innovation & Tech Today, bringing you a long awaited episode of Gadget Gauntlet.

Yes, yes, thank you, thank you, thank you. [Evan addresses his adoring crowd.] Today, we have something for all you radical gamers out there. Haha. That was so silly.

Today, we have something for all you radical gamers out there, the Aventa Backlit Gaming Mouse. Now this is perfect, because I actually have a crippling video game addiction. Let’s open it up and try it out.

The first thing I notice is the incredibly slick design and it’s pretty lightweight. It has this zinc alloy exoskeletal frame, giving it this really nice shiny metallic look. As simple as it appears, it’s actually fairly complex. It has these three buttons on the side, as well as an easy to control scrolling wheel. It also has these metal meshes on the side, and a sweet LED backlight to show off the wheel and logo on the side.

This is one of the slickest, most modern looking mouses on the market and I’m totally in love with the design. Now if you’ll excuse me, I haven’t gamed in over 37 minutes, and I’m starting to experience withdrawals, so I’m going to go plug it in and try it out.

19 hours later … Die, die, die. [Evan is STILL furiously gaming]

As you can see, those Tetris blocks didn’t stand a chance and it’s all because of this Aventa Backlit Gaming Mouse. All kidding aside, I truly believe this is one of the best gaming mouses on the market and I totally recommend it to all PC gamers, especially first person shooter fans. The mouse moves so smoothly, it will make aiming and shooting a piece of cake.

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I’m Evan and I’m an alcoholic… Dang it. Haha. Cut this out.

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Azio’s Aventa Gaming Mouse Review: Great for First-Person Shooters

August 7, 2018
By I&T Today

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