June 17, 2024

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6 Ways Technology is Making Same-Day Delivery Easier Than Ever

Technology has pushed the boundaries for what we can and can’t do since the invention of the wheel. While wheels are essential in the delivery process, they don’t make same-day delivery any easier to pull off. You’ll need other types of tech to see logistical improvements.

How Technology Makes Same-Day Delivery Accessible

80% of shoppers want same-day shipping, but most startups feel fast delivery is out of reach. With the following technology, you can slowly implement same-day delivery into your business.

1. Real-Time Data Can be Used to Improve Processes

Analytics software is used by businesses to track KPIs (key performance indicators). Couriers have their own set of metrics they track, called logistics KPIs, which help them improve the delivery process. For example, safety ratings track vehicle accidents or incident rates.

Other KPIs, like average delivery time, track how long it takes for your drivers to complete a delivery. You can integrate analytics software into your delivery management software.

2. Integration Connects all eCommerce Platforms Together

Technology doesn’t just exist in a bubble; it can be connected to various other devices, tools, and software. Whether you want to track your packages or automatically dispatch orders to your fleet, you can use one dashboard to manage all of it, provided you use the right kind of tools.

Most delivery management software, which oversees the entire delivery process, can integrate with your eCommerce platform, offering real-time inventory and shipping information. You can also build apps and mobile-friendly websites that are usable on smartphones or tablets.

3. Route Optimization Software Ensures On-Time Delivery

In the past, couriers would have to pen-and-paper their routes, but this option wasn’t flexible. If an accident happened or the driver couldn’t complete a delivery, there was no way for the driver to correct their route. Now, route optimization software can calculate the best routes.

Dispatch software typically comes with driver availability, estimated time of delivery information, and fleet priority. At the very least, route optimization software will save you money on last-mile deliveries. You can use all of these features to make sure your deliveries arrive on time. 

4. Amazon Key Reduces Re-Deliveries and Theft

If a shopper orders from Amazon and gives the courier permission to open their smart lock, a service called Amazon Key will leave your packages inside your home. Customers are notified via a notification and camera feed when they open their door, which also offers proof of delivery.

Although this option sounds like it would increase theft, that isn’t the case. Amazon Key has led to a decrease in porch theft and reduces re-delivery rates, making same-day delivery easier. However, you can only use Amazon Key if you have a smart home or specific smart tech.

5. Package Tracking Improves Customer Service and Loyalty

One of the most important values of company visibility is the ability to track and measure data on different components of the delivery process. Customers love that they’re able to know exactly when their package will be delivered, especially for fast delivery options, like same-day.

Package tracking technology doesn’t just let customers know when their packages will arrive; it also gives them the ability to change their delivery date. Plus, customers can use the company’s tracking app to sign off on the package, so they can benefit from contactless delivery, as well.

6. Automation and Drones Increases Delivery Capacity

Automation is becoming more common across all sectors. In retail warehouses, employees use everything from inventory management software to autonomous vehicles to track, store, and pack their products. Autonomous technology can significantly reduce facility running costs. 
While delivery drones aren’t common as of writing this, there’s a possibility they will become delivery mainstays in the future if drone restrictions are reduced across the globe.

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