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Top STEM Afterschool Programs to Consider

STEM education instills higher education in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics world. These valued skills will take students’ education to new heights and better prepare them for the future as our world becomes more innovative. These featured afterschool programs will offer everything from art, coding, science, robotics, math, music and literacy, all while keeping things light, playful and educational, while enhancing each child’s range.

Enhancing each child’s range of skills, teamwork abilities, problem solving, organization, creativity, logic, memory, researching ability and fine motor skills. Let’s take a deeper dive into these amazing programs and see what they have to offer our future leaders, inventors and innovators, including affordable opportunities for essay writing cheap.

Code Ninjas

What child doesn’t want to build their very own video game? Code Ninjas is one of the world’s largest up and coming kids coding franchise. There are over a 100 locations around the globe in areas such as the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. Visit www.codeninjas.com and click find a center button for one of the 102 locations nearest to you.

Coding is a key aspect of understanding our technologically advanced world. With technology rapidly on the rise Code Ninjas will provide our children with the coding tools needed to meet the demand of a high-tech world and how it works. Kids will be developing their own games that they can play to bring together both education and fun a must have for keeping them engaged and letting their minds thrive, all while setting them up for what the future holds. Every parent will love the enrichment your child will gain from joining this program such as: developing problem solving skills, teamwork, logic and math skills. Let’s unlock our children’s potential and get them coding with Code Ninjas leading the way.


Every child enjoys art and the creative expression that it provides. The one hang up that deters children and adults from enjoying this creativity and individualism is the fear that others will judge the art created in a negative way.  KidzArt has developed multimedia programs that include classes, camps, workshops and parties that provide a safe environment for young and adult artists to create and improve their own artistic abilities and reach artistic goals they would have never thought to be possible.  Beginner or seasoned, young or old, all artists are welcome to join this program and start creating!

Every parent will enjoy being able to see their children create their own masterpieces. Parents will also be able to watch them grow and unleash their own self-expression through art. Why would we want to hold our kids back from being able to express themselves? We don’t! For guidance to this program go to www.kidzart.com and click the “find a location” button to reach one of the 40 global locations nearest to you.

STEM for Kids

With STEM related jobs growing fast in our nation, STEM for Kids can offer your child the STEM curriculum that will ground them in the STEM field and better prepare them for the ever-growing workforce that lies ahead.  STEM for Kids offers courses in computer programming, robotics engineering, advanced manufacturing, automation, biomedical engineering, business and finance and much more. Age groups for this afterschool program range from early elementary students to middle school students.

With our children’s future at stake, STEM for Kids can help mold them into STEM-proficient young minds. So parents, if your child comes home from school and tells you he wants to grow up and be a rocket scientist, set him up for success and go check out this website to take full advantage of what STEM for Kids can offer him. Go to www.stemforkids.net and click on “register” to find one of the 80.


Snapology founded their franchise on the notion that kids will stay engaged and learn more through interactive play. Most closely related to building blocks, LEGOs, K’Nex, and other building toys that can be constructed and engineered and are deemed with the STEM concept. They offer all related STEM curriculum including but not limited to robotics, coding, engineering, video game design, science, technology, art, math, literacy and other fun themes. Children from ages one to 14 will enjoy the freedom of creating, interacting and inventing all while motivating their social skills, teamwork abilities and improving their knowledge in the STEM concepts.

When we as parents, look at our children we can see the engineer inside of them as they play. Why not let the award-winning team at Snapology shine a little light on that and help bring out the future inventor inside of them all? Go visit their website at www.snapology.com and find one of their 100 locations or their online courses available to you. Our children will love it and just might thank us later!


LearningRx is just what the doctor ordered to help both children and adults with proactive personal brain training for those who may suffer from learning difficulties. LearningRx will focus on cognitive thinking, learning and reading for kids who need aid due to academic or attention disabilities like dyslexia, memory issues, autism, traumatic brain injury and other cognitive or attention hurdles. Each child can participate in a Cognitive Skills Assessment followed by a consultation to help guide the one-on-one instructors to improve your child’s learning ability and performance. The mental training your child will receive is fun and enjoyable but also challenging with the focus on each individual’s weaknesses to improve them for the future.

As a parent of a child that struggles with cognitive developmental delay, I find this afterschool program to be exactly what she needs.  It is challenging for me to pinpoint her exact needs but LearningRx can do just that and give her the tools and attention to train her brain in the areas that she lacks in. Let LearningRx guide your journey for your children and yourself. You can find everything you are looking for in one of their 167 centers worldwide go to www.learningrx.com, click get started and begin the road to more precise and individualized learning.

Baby Power/Forever Kids

Children learn in different developmental phases. Baby Power/Forever Kids have broken down these phases for our youngsters ranging in ages of 6 months to 3.5 years. Baby Power/Forever Kids programs are going to enrich your child’s physical, emotional and intellectual growth while promoting confidence. Baby Power/Forever Kids will have little ones enjoying physical activities in warms up and gymnastics, singing along to music while developing memory and overall literacy skills, also enjoying story time and show and tell. The classes are topped off at 8 children so each child will have a more individualized to small group setting to learn and thrive.

Parents, set your little ones up for success and empower them at an early age. Let Baby Power/Forever Kids franchise help you celebrate the milestones they achieve as they grow. Visit www.babypower.com for more info and to find one of the 41 locations closest to you.

Parker-Anderson Enrichment

“Fun Comes First” is Parker-Anderson’s approach and motto to afterschool learning.  They provide an extra hour of school-based learning for children at the end of the school day, relieving parents of having to find afterschool care or babysitters. With their come to you approach they will visit the child’s school, community center, summer camp, learning camps, academic tournaments or even birthday parties at a location close to you. They also have online courses to make things easier for the virtual learners. Parker-Anderson provides 50 types of enrichment classes and curricula in Chess-Club, Fashion, Math, Painting, Robotics, Coding and much more with fun at the heart of them all.

Parents, take it from the thousands of elementary school students that Parker-Anderson has helped along their two-decade long journey in afterschool learning and let these enrichment classes come to your child. Visit their website at www.parker-anderson.org and click the sign-up button or visit one of the 19 physical locations to let the afterschool learning begin.

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