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This Week’s Top 5 Tech Stories You Must Know- March Week 2

Lots has happened this past week in the tech world! With the United States House of Representatives passing the bill to potentially ban TikTok, Elon Musk canceling his partnership with Don Lemon, ChatGPT users getting access to new content, and more, there’s much to catch up on. So, let’s get started! 

US House Passes Bill to Potentially Ban TikTok

On Mar. 13, the U.S. House approved a bill with strong bipartisan backing, signaling a significant move that would persuade the Chinese owner of TikTok to either sell the app or face its ban in the United States.

Leaders expedited the bill’s passage in the House with minimal discussion, resulting in a vote of 352 to 65, underscoring widespread support for legislation directly targeting China. The United States appears ready to make ByteDance, the Chinese tech company behind TikTok, divest its American operations or effectively block the app from the market. 

Elon Musk Cancels Partnership With Don Lemon

On Mar. 18, former CNN anchor Don Lemon revealed that Elon Musk had terminated a collaboration wherein Lemon was set to host a new program on X, the social media platform owned by Musk.

Lemon disclosed that he received notice of the deal’s cancellation shortly after conducting an interview with Musk for the debut of The Don Lemon Show. He emphasized that the interview had no imposed restrictions, with Musk voluntarily agreeing to participate, and Lemon’s questions covered a diverse range of topics, including SpaceX and the presidential election.

However, Musk later commented on X that the interview lacked authenticity, suggesting that Lemon was essentially a mouthpiece for Jeff Zucker, the former president of CNN. Musk indicated that Lemon and Zucker could still utilize the platform for their content like any other creator.

ChatGPT Users Get Access to New Content

On Mar. 13, OpenAI revealed a partnership with media tech publications Le Monde and Prisa Media, backed by Microsoft, to provide ChatGPT users with access to French and Spanish news content. This collaboration aims to leverage the growing popularity of generative artificial intelligence models across various sectors.

According to OpenAI, the news content will serve users and contribute to the training of AI models. Louis Dreyfus, CEO of Le Monde, emphasized the strategic significance of the partnership in maintaining journalistic integrity and revenue streams.

SpaceX Launches Third Test Flight

On Mar. 14, SpaceX conducted the third test flight of its Starship rocket, marking a significant tech advancement in the development of this colossal spacecraft. Elon Musk’s aerospace company launched the Starship from its Starbase facility near Boca Chica, Texas, around 9:25 a.m. Eastern time.

This flight surpassed previous tests, with the Starship remaining airborne for approximately an hour before experiencing a breakup above the Indian Ocean. SpaceX confirmed that the intended water landing did not occur as planned. The completion of this flight signifies a notable progression for SpaceX as it moves closer to concluding prototype testing and commencing operational Starship missions.

Spotify to Test Full Music Videos for Premium Subscribers

The music streaming giant Spotify is introducing full-length music videos in a limited beta launch exclusively for its premium subscribers, marking its entry into a domain long dominated by YouTube for nearly two decades.

This new tech feature, which includes music videos, will initially be available to premium users in select countries, including the UK, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, Brazil, Colombia, Philippines, Indonesia, and Kenya, starting from Wednesday. This move is part of Spotify’s strategy to expand its user base by offering a wider range of content.

By I&T Today

By I&T Today

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