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The Future Of Digital Collecting With Terra Virtua

London-based Terra Virtua has made its mark in the digital collecting world over the last few years since its founding. It’s been able to take what we know about virtual reality, along with the known hobby of collecting, and created a platform that allows people to dive further into the digital world than ever before.

Terra Virtua comes from the minds of CEO Gary Bracey and CTO Jawad Ashraf. While the two founded the company in 2016, it officially launched in 2018 and has been continuously growing ever since.

Bracey, who comes from a vast background in video game development and production, said that throughout his career, he noticed that no one fully figured out how to bring VR to mainstream media.

“I have been involved in producing and developing video games for over 35 years and the industry has been talking about VR for 25 of those years. In all that time, nobody has cracked VR with a mainstream product. This is partly because the hardware has historically been difficult to set up, but mostly because the experience isn’t as good as regular 2D games,” said Bracey. 

terra virtua

“The gameplay is not as varied, it’s not as easy to play with your friends and it doesn’t offer enough to come back for more. We are going to change this with Terra Virtua, by offering an entirely new type of entertainment platform.”

Terra Virtua, in its own words, is a fully immersive, blockchain-driven VR entertainment experience; it is also the first of its kind. It builds its foundation around having a strong community, as well as social connection, while it focuses on bringing VR, AR and 3D entertainment to its users.

It lets people buy, sell, trade and discover new kinds of non-fungible items, or NFTs—these are also widely known as digital collectibles. NFTs are 100% digital, so collectors don’t have to become worrisome over whether or not their prized trading cards or figurines will get damaged. They also do not have to wonder if their items are real or not; NFTs are entered on blockchains, a kind of technology that keeps track of the ownership and authenticity of the items, so they’ll be able to know if what they have is the legitimate thing.

Collectible items that people can find on Terra Virtua are as varied in type as they are in size. With these collectibles, users can display them in a customizable lounge, or Fancave, simulating as if they had a special room for them inside of their home. Additionally, it has other features for people to check out such as the Terradome—made for larger assets—and the Terra Art Gallery, where creators can display their most unique digital artwork, giving collectors the opportunity to buy and own them.

However, Terra Virtua doesn’t only limit itself to customisable spaces and digital art.

Over the last year or so, Terra Virtua expanded to include assets from some of the biggest entertainment companies in the industry. The company announced that it had finalized deals with companies like Paramount Pictures and Legendary Entertainment to license some of their most popular films and brands for the platform. Collectors can find NFTs based on movies like Pacific Rim, Top Gun, and The Godfather, as well as the Netflix original series Lost In Space. And if that wasn’t enough, Terra Virtua revealed that it will release a line of collectibles for the new film Godzilla Vs. Kong, set to drop on March 31. It will include different NFTs, as well life-size versions of Godzilla and Kong that will be able to purchase and view in the Terradome.

Terra Virtua has also entered the cryptocurrency market. At the end of 2020, it announced Terra Virtua Kolect, or TVK for short..

When someone obtains a specific amount of TVK, they will be able to become eligible to become a part of a special club called Terra Virtua Prestige. Prestige members are granted access to several perks like monthly drops of free NFTs and TVK, voting privileges on what collectibles they want to see next, invites to exclusive preview events, early access to selected new releases and many more. You can also earn rewards by having TVK by completing different competitions, quests and trades.

Recently, Terra Virtua listed TVK on several cryptocurrency exchanges, making it available for people to deposit and trade. Last month, the company listed on the Binance Innovation Zone, and co-founder Ashraf called it a “milestone” for Terra Virtua. Bracey added that the listing certifies what they’re creating with their platform.

“We see this as validation of what we are doing. Terra Virtua is poised for great things and a Binance listing means our TVK token is accessible to everyone.”

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