May 25, 2024

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The Dyson Pure Hot + Cold: More Than a Space Heater

Depending on where you live in the United States, you are either, cold, or hot. It’s a simplistic view of our weather, but stay with me. The average cost of replacing or updating the HVAC in a 2000 square foot home in the United States is between $7000 to $8000.

Even after investing that amount of money, it doesn’t guarantee the temperature will be “perfect” in every room. If you live in an apartment, condo, townhouse, double wide or yurt, then controlling the temperature of your space can really be difficult and even dangerous.

Factor in a good majority of the country is dealing with winter and having to stay inside for extended periods of time, and all of the allergens that start to fly around the house and air quality can become a major concern.


The Dyson Pure Hot + Cool (HP 07) is a combination space heater, air conditioner, and air purifier that can help keep you comfortable, breathing easier, and is well-engineered to keep you safe.

Out of the box, all you need to do is click the carbon and HEPA filters into place and cover them with the base piece; it took just a minute to get it up and running.

The Dyson Pure Hot + Cold is engineered for ease of use.  You can operate the unit with the Dyson app or the remote control that is included.  What we like about Dyson products in general is the small things that add up to being completely different and exciting. The remote is slightly curved and magnetized, so it fits perfectly on top of the Dyson Pure and stays on top, alleviating the worry of losing the remote. Right?

Dear Dyson, when are you going to make a TV?

Unlike most space heaters, the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool has a unique oblong design. It stands about 30 inches tall and its hollow ring disperses clean, purified hot (or cool) air.

User Friendly

Back to the ease-of-use thing.  We initially set the unit up in our youngest son’s room. We live in an old house and no matter what we do, so his room is cold in winter and warm in summer.

The instructions and remote are easy enough for a ten-year-old to use — literally.  He was able to easily select a temperature that is clearly displayed on a screen from 33 to 99 degrees. 

There is also an oscillating button and options for direct heat or fanned out throughout the room as well as a timer button.

That’s it. Turn it on, select your temperature, and the Dyson Pure Hot + Cold does exactly what the marketing hype says it will do. His room heats up to a comfy temperature, the timer shuts it off, and sweet dreams are had by all.

In addition to great temperature control, the air purifier is top of the line. Despite me and my son being mildly allergic, we have a golden retriever puppy, which means a good amount of coughing and wheezing — particularly at night.  What we noticed almost immediately was our son made it through the night every night after without coughing at all. During the day, I move the Dyson into my office to clean the air and keep keep me warm.

It doesn’t take long to clean the air and that’s no surprise. According to Dyson, the purifier can provide up to 2,860 cubic square feet of coverage. It detects four main air pollutants: particulate matter (PM) 2.5, PM10, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and oxidizing gases. These four groups encompass most household irritants like puppy dander, pollen, smoke, burning candles, industrial pollutants, cooking odors, fragrances, cleaning products, and combustion from cars or gas-powered appliances.


We have a massive air purifier in our master bedroom that cost three times as much as the Dyson, and while it does a great job, it’s incredibly loud.  We generally turn it on in the AM and let it run all day, turning it off when we go to bed because of the noise. 

The Dyson operates between 35 and 62 decibels, the latter being when used on the highest-level setting and heating options. It even has a night mode that operates at the quietest setting and automatically dims the screen.


Despite generating a lot of heat to warm your room, the Dyson never gets so hot you can’t touch it. It also will automatically shut itself off if it detects the heating mode has been in use for over nine hours. As an extra safety precaution, a tip-over switch turns the unit off if it’s knocked over.

There are plenty of options for space heaters, remote air conditioners and air purifiers on the market. With the Dyson, you are getting what you pay for. At about $690, the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool (HP 07) is an investment, but one that lives up to the hype and will deliver for you when you need it.

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