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Buyer’s guide: The Top 50 Most Innovative Products
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Tech the Halls: Holiday Gift Guide 2023

Happy Holidays from Innovation & Tech Today! The holiday season is a great time to pull out all the stops and purchase phenomenal new tech products for loved ones. To ensure that this year’s presents under the tree are a hit, we’ve researched and gathered some impressive tech. This extensive Holiday Gift Guide below has many different ideas, from small tech accessories to smartwatches, cameras, and more! Once you review this Holiday Gift Guide, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect gift no matter what your loved one’s tech niche may be!

Ultra Stylish Apple AirPods Covers

Protect and personalize your Apple AirPods with cases that provide superior style and function. The genuine leather collection offers sophistication and durability and makes for the perfect coordinated set when paired with the leather Apple Watch bands. Also, consider soft, high-grade silicone styles for a sleek profile with complete protection. $14.99-$35

KUMI GW5 Smartwatch 

Experience a new level of smart living with the KUMI GW5 Smartwatch. The voice assistant simplifies tasks, providing notifications, voice calling, and social features. Keep tabs on your health with heart rate, blood pressure, and blood oxygen monitoring, ensuring your well-being. The vibrant AMOLED display and 100+ sports modes offer enhanced visibility and comprehensive fitness tracking. With IP68 waterproofing and a 7-day battery life, it fits seamlessly into your lifestyle. Additional features include women’s health reminders, music control, and customizable watch faces for a personalized touch. Download the “KUMIWear” app to unlock more possibilities. $79

Aura Frames Walden

Send photos from your phone to Walden, the WiFi-connected frame that takes you from tabletop to wall, portrait or landscape. Enjoy all your favorite moments on Walden’s 15″ full HD display, featuring an anti-glare finish and a 4:3 aspect ratio (the same as your smartphone camera). Set it up in minutes on WiFi and instantly add unlimited photos and videos from anywhere in the world using the free Aura app on iOS/Android, and invite all your loved ones to fill the frame with their memories. $249

Fujifilm Instax Mini 12

INSTAX MINI 12™ instant camera is available in five colors– Pastel Blue, Mint Green, Blossom Pink, Lilac Purple, and Clay White and uses INSTAX MINI instant film. The INSTAX MINI 12 instant camera is ready to go with a simple twist of the lens. Twist again, and you’re in close-up mode, perfect for selfies. Combined with the perfectly positioned selfie mirror, automatic flash control, and automatic exposure, you can simply aim and click! $79.95 

DUSK Eyewear

Dusk is premium wayfarer-style smart sunglasses with electrochromic lenses. These lenses allow you to instantly select the tint level you want. Simply tap the side of the frame to adjust between four preset tint levels, or use the Ampere app to set the tint level you want. Dusk also has hidden built-in speakers in both arms that provide crystal clear audio and an integrated microphone that allows you to make phone calls and listen to music. Dusk is voice assistant-enabled for both Apple and Android devices so you can stay hands-free. Dusk also comes in a version without any audio built-in- Dusk Lite.

  • Dusk: $249
  • Dusk Lite: $169

Bird Buddy Smart Bird Feeder

Bird Buddy’s Smart Bird Feeder is the perfect gift for all, captivating grandparents, partners, kids, and friends nationwide and beyond. This innovative feeder integrates cutting-edge technology to capture and identify bird species, delivering photo and video postcards directly to the Bird Buddy app. Users can curate collections of bird images akin to Pokemon Go and enjoy live streaming whenever the feeder is active. Available in blue and yellow, with an optional solar roof, the feeder is eco-friendly and crafted from recyclable materials. The package includes essential accessories, and the 5-megapixel camera module boasts 720p HD video, a 120° field view, motion detection, and a built-in microphone. Easy pairing with the Bird Buddy app via WiFi ensures a seamless experience. $199

The Mill

Mill introduces a revolutionary kitchen experience to combat food waste, transforming our perception of waste, starting from the heart of our homes—the kitchen. Founded in 2020 by Matt Rogers and Harry Tannenbaum, Mill draws on lessons learned from their work on iconic products like the Nest Learning Thermostat. The Mill kitchen bin, central to their service plans, seamlessly integrates into daily life, grinding kitchen scraps into shelf-stable food grounds overnight. Customers choose how to use these grounds, contributing to composting, creating chicken feed, or participating in local loop programs. With nearly 40% of U.S. food wasted, Mill’s impactful design and service plans make sustainable behavior change easy and effective. Sign up at mill.com and select a service plan. All service plans include the innovative Mill kitchen bin, free delivery and returns, unlimited odor filter refills, dedicated support, and regular impact reports. Gift cards can be purchased here. $33/Month (Annual) or $45/Month (Monthly)

ReMarkable 2

In a world full of distracting multitools, reMarkable 2 is a paper tablet that helps you focus and do your best work as a thinker. reMarkable pioneered the digital paper tablet field and still provides the most natural writing experience. Its elegant paper-like surface lets you easily take notes, sketch, write, and edit. Whether you like to write by hand with the Marker or type with Type Folio, reMarkable’s keyboard, you can switch between them effortlessly on reMarkable 2. You can also access your work from other devices using reMarkable’s desktop or mobile apps. $279

Withings Body Comp

A complete body assessment scale measuring multiple biometrics, the Withings Body Comp scale is a complete body assessment measuring multiple biomarkers typically only assessed in a professional clinical setting and associated with general and chronic health risks through novel sensors, exclusive algorithms, and patented electronics. It provides complete and daily assessments of body health, including full body composition, visceral fat, vascular age, and more. $189.99

Palm Pro

CCELL’s Palm Pro is not just another vape battery. It’s a testament to how vaping should be in the modern age: empowering, customizable, and concealed in the palm of your hand. Palm Pro was designed to elevate users’ experiences and has all the features a vape connoisseur yearns for, including voltage settings, airflow control, battery status display, and a preheat function. Offering three voltage settings—2.8V, 3.2V, and 3.6V—it ensures that every inhale is tailored to your preference. With its 10-second preheat function, consumers can immediately enjoy consistent, flavorful, and rich clouds from the very first draw. The battery status bars and USB-C charging port also come in handy for modern consumers who value convenience and transparency when it comes to usage. $34.99 – $36.99


Designed with the utmost attention to detail, Sandwave features a convenient slide switch that allows users to choose between its three temperature settings (2.8V/3.2V/3.6V). This customization ensures that every inhale has a perfect balance of flavor and cloud size. Whether consumers crave intense flavor profiles, powerful hits, or a harmonious blend of both, Sandwave guarantees an unparalleled vaping experience every time. Engineered to fit perfectly in your hand, this device provides a firm and ergonomic hold, elevating every inhale to a state of true bliss. Sandwave boasts captivating hues that explore a world of colors. From the timeless elegance of midnight black to the refreshing tones of mint green, marine green, tropical yellow, lavender, and coral pink, each shade complements different personalities and evokes a different emotion. $19.90

Go Stik

Go Stik is a pen-style vape battery featuring power, portability, and style. Built with two voltage settings (2.8V/3.2V), this battery provides a customizable experience simply by sliding the switch up and down between ‘Potency’ and ‘Flavor’ modes. The compact and tiny Go Stik showcases an exceptional anti-slip design combining an ergonomic shape with a matte finish that safeguards against rolls, slips, and falls from surfaces. Additionally, the battery is compatible with 510 cartridges of any size. If you’re looking for an easy product to grab and go, the Go Stik is perfect for you. $9.99 – $10.99

24oz Tritan Plastic

HidrateSpark Smart Water Bottle 

21oz Stainless Steel

HidrateSpark is a cutting-edge smart water bottle that revolutionizes hydration habits. Engineered with innovative technology, it monitors water intake via a built-in sensor that syncs with a mobile app. Available on iOS and Android, the app tailors daily hydration goals based on individual factors like age, weight, and activity, incorporating external elements like weather. Integration with health apps like Apple Health and Fitbit enhances accuracy. The bottle’s standout feature is its customizable glow, serving as a visual reminder to drink water throughout the day. Crafted from BPA-free Tritan plastic or vacuum-insulated stainless steel, it comes in various sizes and colors, accommodating diverse preferences. The durable and safe design ensures everyday usability. With a long-lasting sensor battery, frequent charging is minimized. Whether for athletes, health enthusiasts, or those prone to forgetfulness, HidrateSpark smart water bottles offer a personalized approach to hydration, combining practicality with technological innovation. 

  • 21oz Stainless Steel: $79.99
  • 24oz Tritan Plastic: $69.99

Night Ice Performance Pillow

BEDGEAR’s Night Ice Performance Pillow is your closest companion when it comes to cooler sleep. Three separate cooling technologies work together to keep you from overheating: Ver-Tex™ instant-cooling cover, React crown with cooling gel, and an ICE Active Core. Additionally, our Air-X® mesh keeps the air flowing through the pillow for maximum breathability. Night Ice is available in four different heights for a personal fit that’s perfect for you. Featuring a zip-off washable cover, Night Ice is easy to keep clean for a healthy sleep environment. Its high-efficiency washable design also makes it convenient and eco-friendly. BEDGEAR’s sleep solutions are engineered with fabrics that are moisture-wicking and instant cooling and maximize airflow to allow the body to naturally regulate its temperature. $299.99

Bearaby’s Calmer

An ergonomically designed, heated, and gently weighted neck wrap filled with tension-melting terra-clay that provides warm, calming relief to the neck, back, and shoulders. It’s gently weighted for relieving neck pain, ergonomically designed to prevent neck tension, and warmable or cooling while soothing neck muscles. Bearaby’s warmables collection combines the benefits of Deep Touch Pressure (DTP) and thermotherapy to address the physical symptoms of anxiety and pain that manifest in the body and provide an overall sense of wellness. $69

Briiv Air Filter

The Briiv Air Filter uses renewable and natural materials to filter the air in your home or office environment to create clean and safe air so you can breathe as nature intended. We’ve taken nature and given it a boost! Briiv has the same filtration capacity as 3,043 medium-sized houseplants, and by using compostable filters combined with bioplastics and natural or recyclable materials, we’ve created a new kind of air filter that won’t damage the Earth. The natural micro-structures of moss, combined with the coconut fiber filter, can remove pollutants for twelve months before being composted at home. When done with the filters, two-thirds can be thrown in the garden or composted to become part of the Earth again. $357.87

RingConn Smart Ring

Key to RingConn’s success is its core technologies, including ultra-low power biosignal sensor chips, advanced biomedical signal processing, and intelligent health algorithms. With a strong intellectual property portfolio, it empowers users to gain valuable insights and make informed decisions about their overall health and well-being. Take control of your wellness journey with the RingConn Smart Ring. Experience the power of a smart ring that provides actionable insights. Embrace a healthier lifestyle with guidance from the most innovative health wearable, which combines functionality, durability, and portability. $279

SmartGoggles by Therabody

The only eye mask powered by SmartSense Technology — the exclusive biometric sensor that customizes treatments to lower your heart rate to a more relaxed state. Slip them on to soothe headaches, relieve eye strain, and invite calmness into the body and mind. Whether you stare at a screen all day, suffer from headaches or anxiety, or struggle to fall asleep, SmartGoggles keeps you moving throughout the day and helps you rest at night. $169

I&T Today Subscription

As Innovation & Tech Today closes out this Holiday Gift Guide and moves into 2024, we are excited to share the upcoming magazine issues with our audience. With some stellar interviews, impactful causes, and world-changing inventions, it’ll be an exciting year to cover all things tech! Don’t miss out as we continue to cover artificial intelligence, gaming and entertainment, sustainability, STEM, outdoor tech, energy, robotics, and more! If you’d like to give your friends or family the gift of innovation and information, purchase a yearly subscription, which is currently on sale this holiday season. Two-Year Holiday Special $19.95

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