Tis the Season for Tech & Style Reviews

Tis the Season for Tech & Style Reviews

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spy-eyewear-atlasSpy Atlas Sunglasses

Mornings are already hard enough without having to squint in the sun. Thanks to the classic frames, these glasses look good from the beach to the coffee shop, but the real magic is in the lenses. SPY’s Happy Glass polarized lenses allow long-wave blue light waves (which studies show elevate your mood) while blocking the sun’s ‘bad’ rays. They definitely made the world feel a bit less cold before that first cup of caffeinated brew when we tried them out.

Bonus: Grippy, lightweight frame didn’t slip, even when riding on cobblestone roads.

Bummer: The lenses are happy, but they sure aren’t scratch-proof. Handle with care.


surface-book_canvasMicrosoft Surface Book 

Microsoft’s tablet hybrids have been getting better with each iteration, but if you’ve been wanting something that’s a laptop first, tablet second, the Surface Book is for you. High-end components, a beautiful display, and a ton of features add up to create an excellent mobile workstation. And with two batteries (one in the tablet, one in the base), we were able to crank out 8-hour workdays with a bit of battery life to spare.

Bonus: Using the stylus feels more like writing with a pen and paper than any other we’ve used.

Bummer: The extra hardware comes at a cost: this bad boys weighs in at 3.5 pounds.


lll-commission-shirtLululemon Commission Long Sleeve Button Down

It costs twice as much as your other dress shirts, but you’ll wear it twice as often. Thanks to sweat-wicking, quick-drying and LYCRA-infused fabric, the Commission looks like a fancy-pants dress shirt but rides like a fancy-pants cycling shirt. The athletic fit shows off that tight bike-commuter body of yours, and that added stretch makes the shirt feel as comfortable as your favorite hoodie.

Bonus: No-show buttons under the collar keep it from flipping up while you ride.

Bummer: You’ll want one in every color. And that won’t be cheap.


cadence-jeansCandace Raw Denim Jeans

No one wants to show up looking like they just rode in. Built for cyclists, these jeans come with a bit of stretch, a reinforced seat, and a custom cut that will have that barista’s bespoke mustache drooping in style envy. Made from raw denim to easily stand the abuse of the commute and still look great no matter where you end up.

Bonus: You can step off that ride and still be the best dressed guy in the room.

Bummer: The Raw Denim is stiff as a board until you put about 10 miles on them.

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