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SoundMAGIC ST80 Sports Headphones Put to the Jogger Test

I’ve been a recreational jogger for as long as I can remember and have been searching for a perfect pair of athletic earphones for just as long. I’m happy to report that UK born SoundMAGIC ST80 Sports Headphones are ready to untangle all your fitness listening problems.

With Apple’s new iPhone 7 lacking a headphone jack, wireless headphones are more necessary than ever. I was pleasantly surprised that SoundMagic’s Sports Headphones came with a wired option and a wireless Bluetooth option. I first tested the wired cord and had no problem listening to music from my iPhone 7 connected to a headphone jack adapter. In fact, the sound was exceptional. I’ve never purchased high quality athletic headphones before so I didn’t really know what to expect. The music quality was stunningly clear with full surround sound. I also appreciated the knit cable was soft and included a thin coating to prevent damage and dirt. Ahem, Apple.

ST80 headphonesNow for the wireless option. To easily switch from the wired cord to the wireless feature, you unscrew the earpieces from the wired cable and screw in the shorter wireless cable on both sides. The Bluetooth control panel is user friendly, because if I can figure it out without much effort so can you. With just one button push the Bluetooth is powered on and will automatically pair with your iPhone each time after connecting it once. My favorite Bluetooth feature was the automatic shut off when idle for 10 minutes. And because there’s nothing more frustrating than a cord flapping against your neck, the wireless cord comes with a clip to attach to your shirt. Another point for the ST80 headphones.

You may be wondering if the SoundMAGIC headphones sound too good to be true. As a jogger my number one priority is fit. If these headphones can satisfy my comfort standards, then I’ve really found exceptional headphones. These sports headphones come with adjustable earpieces, adjustable earhooks, and different sized earpiece tips to fit any ear canal. I wore the earphones on multiple workouts and even danced in my kitchen trying to shake them off my ears. I failed each attempt as the earphones are flawlessly secure to my satisfaction (yes!).

If you need any more convincing, the headphones come with a protective storage case so you can safely travel with them anywhere you go. The headphones are also water and sweat resistant so feel free to jog your heart out rain or shine. I think it’s safe to say the versatile ST80 Sports Headphones will untangle a little SoundMAGIC in your daily workout.

Photos and review by Misty Kingma.

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March 6, 2017
By I&T Today

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