June 25, 2024

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Top 10 Products This Week: Sleep Tech, Home Security, and More!

This week we’re taking a look at the latest in sleep tech, home security, wireless earbuds, and so much more!

Satisfye Pro Gaming Elite Bundle

If you’re a gamer looking to get the most out of their Nintendo Switch, the Satisfye Pro Gaming Elite Bundle will help you take your game to the next level. Featuring a case designed for travel, the Pro Gaming Grip for more comfortable gaming on the go, ergonomic controller thumbpads, and a USB-C cable for easy charging, this bundle will make everything from Smash Bros. to Mario Kart more enjoyable. $41


Zeus Charger

Combining a flashlight, a USB charger, and a jump starter, the Zeus Portable Car Battery Jump Starter boasts 20,000 mAH, able to start up an 8.0 liter diesel truck. Ideal for disaster preparedness and travel alike, The Zeus is the ideal travel companion. $150



Waterfield Designs Developer’s Gear Case

As functional as it is fashionable, the Waterfield Designs Developer’s Gear Case is a sleek, efficient carrier for all your tech. As with all Waterfield products, the Developer’s Gear Case is crafted in their San Francisco workshop by a proficient sewing team. $129


The ideal way to watch over your smart home, the WyzeCam showcases crisp 1080p HD visuals and even live streaming. With time lapse, continuous recording, and Alexa/Google Assistant compatibility, WyzeCam is a multi-faceted smart home camera that doesn’t break the bank. $20

HomeAware Starter Doorbell and Alarm Clock Kit

Designed with the hearing impaired population in mind, the HomeAware Starter Kit provides everything you need to keep your home secure. With a bed shaker, flashing strobe, and dual alarm clock, this security kit will keep you abreast of mishaps within the home. $175



Beddr Sleeptuner

Looking to improve life for the sleep-deprived public, Beddr is a wearable device that doesn’t just track your rest, but helps you improve it. Allowing you to track your heart rate, enhance oxygenation, and improve night time breathing, the Sleeptuner will help give you a much-needed good night’s rest. $150



Ember Temperature Control Mug

Fight off the ever-present threat of lukewarm coffee with the Ember Temperature Control Mug. Able to connect to the Ember app to adjust your beverage temperature and change your LED color, this is truly the coffee mug of the future. $80

1MORE Stylish True Wireless In-Ear Headphones

Truly wireless and sleekly designed, the 1MORE Stylish True Wireless In-Ear Headphones are the ideal devices for rocking out without tangling any wires. Quick to charge and showcasing 6.5 hours of battery life, these headphones won’t let you down during your morning train ride or your afternoon workout. $100

TechFolio Classic Cord Organizer

Perfect for the busy commuter, the TechFolio helps you keep your litany of cords, chargers, and hard drives together. Coming in classy colors such as chestnut, whiskey, and galloper black, the TechFolio Cord Organizer lets you travel with your cords in style. $76


Limitless Innovations Lumenology

The Lumenology Portable LED Motion Light packs power into a small package, providing 148 lumens in a single LED. Portable and flexible, with the ability to be wrapped around everything from fences to car hoods, Lumenology will help light your way. $40



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