May 25, 2024

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Robotic Food Delivery? It’s Coming

Imagine ordering out from your favorite short-order restaurant half-asleep, pining for that first cup of coffee. The delivery arrives, you look up — and find a robot with your order. And these robotics don’t have arms … “Make that five cups of coffee,” you probably want to say — just to drive this surreal dream out of your mind.


Except it’s not a dream. Wings, an ecosystem of services and products from Letsbutterfly, has just announced their new on-the-go robotics system, Nectar, powered by HiveRobotics. “Nectar is more than just a revolution in retail. It represents a fundamental rethinking and reengineering of how we as people go about our lives interacting with food services,” says Haitham Al-Beik, CEO of Wings. “Nectar redefines retail while preserving an essential aspect of people’s lives—time.”

Nectar will bring a new way of Autonomous Sustainable Retail (ASR) to life. This is a first of its kind in so many ways. First, short-order, on-the-go food service is one of the most people-heavy industries; businesses often rely on strong customer service to keep long-term customers. Second, while most artisan robotics have arms, Nectar is made without them, allowing owners to cut both energy and space in half.

“Nectar ushers in a new way of experiencing on-the-go food service,” says Hari Rao, Chief Manufacturing & Robotics Officer of Wings. “The hardware and software combined define a new and novel integrated singular design using fifty percent less energy for a fifty percent efficiency in utility and space while increasing profit margins by a factor of ten.”

Nectar is designed to bring a safer and easier way to the foodservice industry. It provides many different services such as food, drinks, and merchandise without having to come into contact with people. It can deliver up to four items in one trip efficiently. Nectar will be one of the first locally-driven micro-factories for one-on-one service. It also has built-in packaging, recycling, inventory, and delivery features.

Wings’ goal is to have Nectar up and running late 2023.

Can I Take Your Order?

Customers who decide to utilize Nectar will only have to download an app for placing orders and paying through it. In the app, you can also specify if you have any food allergies if you are vegan, vegetarian, or on a gluten- or dairy-free diet. 

All deliveries will be driven by a robotic shuttle within the Nectar. Your goodies with be in a robotic basket that extends right to its designated drop-off location. This is perfect if you have busy schedules, or in more health-conscious areas. Nectar will deliver to airports, schools, apartment complexes, office buildings, malls, and many other places.

“The COVID-19 pandemic revealed what has been right in front of us for years… retail and the services industry is in dire need of innovation and invention,” says Jim McDermet, Wings’ advisor. “Get ready for a seismic shift in retail that puts you in the driver’s seat.”

Picture of By Robert Yehling

By Robert Yehling

Robert Yehling is a former Editorial Director of Sustainability Today, and STEM Today. He is the author, co-author and ghostwriter of 18 books, including the acclaimed "Just Add Water" (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt), the biography of autistic surfing great Clay Marzo, a finalist for the 2015 Dotty Gray Literature Award for outstanding writing on autism; and “Writes of Life: 366 Exercises to Fulfill Your Writing Life” (Open Books Press), called by the Midwest Book Review “the most comprehensive, diverse, and enjoyable writing exercise book on the market.”

Yehling has edited and shepherded more than 130 books in all genres,
including New York Times bestselling memoirist Lynne Martin ("Home Sweet Anywhere"), and 2015 International Book Award and IPPY Gold Medal winner for Visionary Fiction Lynnda Pollio ("Trusting the Currents"). His engaging, informative presentations have inspired writers for 15 years, and take him to conferences and classrooms throughout the country.

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