May 27, 2024

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product review video courtesy of pixabay.
product review video courtesy of pixabay.

4 Tips For Producing Product Review Videos That Wow

Affordable video cameras, mobile phones, and webcams have now become mainstream. As a result, most of the video product reviews released of late feel like long, boring lectures.

That’s because they lack focus, have less visual flair, and often ramble for too long.

When reviewing a product, you need to find ways to avoid boring your audience.

As an affiliate marketer or someone who loves voicing their opinion on products, here are some useful tips for creating the best product review videos for your audience. 

Make Sure Videos Are 3 Minutes Long 

If you want to to review products, understand that your audience wants to watch a product review, not study for a test on the product.

That’s why the review needs to be short and to the point. If you run over 3 minutes, remove any unnecessary footage during editing.

For instance, pop songs and commercial breaks rarely exceed 3 minutes. If it doesn’t have a complex story line, it’s hard for people to maintain focus for longer than 3 minutes.

They are likely going to start wandering off after that. 

Focus On the Product And Discuss It Honestly

The review should only focus on the product and not you. Yes, you can add a few personal opinions here and there to humanize the review and create a depth to the descriptions.

However, people don’t want to waste their time listening to you ramble on forever. Make sure you express balanced and honest opinions.

Of course, there is no single product that is entirely perfect, so there are always a few negative parts to cover regardless of the product being reviewed. 

Your audience doesn’t want to see you praise a worthless product, nor do they want a bash and trash session of the product.

You are not looking to show how nasty, clever, or grumpy you are. Instead you are showing the pros and cons of the product, so stick to that.

Discuss the Primary Features Of the Product And What They Do 

Remember, you only have a few minutes so you don’t have to cover every aspect of the product. Pick a few features that stand out and make the product unique.

Also, you can showcase how the product is different from the other brands in the market.

Make sure you are not simply reciting the dry facts of the product. Rather, you should delve deeper into what those features do and how they can help someone.

That way, your audience will know what to do with the product if they choose to buy it. 

Appear Natural and Relaxed

Remember, you are not giving a valedictorian speech, so you need to avoid reading from a script. Otherwise, the entire video will appear automated.

Don’t read your review from a script, simply note the key talking points to avoid going off track. 

When you create a point form script with ideal timings, you can avoid running too short or too long. The best way to do this is to come out as naturally as possible.

You can choose to ad-lib the review to sound more conversational. The main principle to follow when creating a video product review is to keep the viewers interested.

Make sure you stick to the main points and avoid talking about yourself too much. Don’t read from a script because it will appear forced; try to appear as relaxed and natural as possible.

With those guidelines, you’ll find your follower base growing and your engagement levels improving. Plus, your fans will thank you.

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