May 25, 2024

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Order Tracking Is Key to Modern Business Success

Order tracking can make or break customer retention in today’s business world. People that do not have a good experience with a company’s shipping and order fulfillment will not be happy. Effective order tracking is vital for success today. Here’s what businesses need to know about it and a few tips on how to get started.

Why Order Tracking Is Crucial for Success

Order tracking is vital for business success today, even more so than just a few years ago. Several factors contribute to this trend, but two in particular stand out. Businesses must keep these things in mind when considering investing in order tracking technology.

Offering a Competitive Advantage

The clearest reason for the importance of order tracking today is sheer competitive advantage. Online shopping has boomed like never before over the past few years. The COVID-19 pandemic played a key role in this surge, and e-commerce sales are projected to surge 50% by 2025. More revenue is moving to online retail, where shipping plays a critical role in the customer experience.

E-commerce leaders, namely Amazon, are setting a high standard for speedy shipping. This can make or break conversion rates in today’s world. In fact, research shows that the top reasons for cart abandonment are related to shipping, particularly extra costs. Customers expect shipping to be transparent and easily traced. They want their orders quickly, and they want to know where they are at every step of the process.

Simplifying Customer Service

Implementing order tracking may sound like it would only complicate the shipping process. In reality, it greatly simplifies the experience and customer service. Case studies have found that effective order tracking can reduce customer service queries by 50% and related questions by 40%.

Some of the stress associated with online shopping is due to a lack of visibility. People may worry that their order has gotten lost if it isn’t delivered by a certain time, leading them to call customer service. An effective and simple order tracking system allows businesses to alleviate concerns and reduce customer service workloads.

Building a Trustworthy Reputation

Customers who shop in person at a physical store can determine the business’s trustworthiness from their surroundings. Are the employees helpful? Is the store clean? Does the company deliver on what it advertises? Unfortunately, it is more difficult to convey trustworthiness in e-commerce.

Customers today are wary of websites that are actually scams hiding behind web design. Businesses have to prioritize transparency to build trust. Order tracking is the most important part of that process, regardless of the industry or whether a company sells B2C or B2B. For instance, clients in the supply chain industry will appreciate sophisticated order tracking with proof of delivery features just as much as everyday retail shoppers.

Detailed and easily accessible order tracking is one of the clearest ways to demonstrate trustworthiness to customers. It shows that the business they are buying from values honesty and transparency. These qualities aren’t just good for retaining customers — they even factor into Google search results rankings. Companies that build good reputations will appear higher in search results for keywords related to their niche.

How to Implement Order Tracking

How can businesses go about implementing order tracking? There are several ways to offer it, whether through apps, an online portal, SMS, or email. Here is an overview of the main order tracking strategies companies use today.

Order Tracking Apps

Order tracking apps have become popular alongside the rise in online shopping. They remain a bit less appealing than web-based tracking, though, largely due to the time and resources required to develop an app. There are a couple of ways businesses can utilize apps to offer order tracking for their customers.

The first option is to use a proprietary app made exclusively for a business’s own products. It might also be part of the company’s shopping or general mobile app. This requires in-house development but allows complete control over the design and features. Similarly, a third-party app developer could be commissioned.

The second option is to utilize existing third-party order tracking apps. Some software vendors and shipping companies already offer their own tracking apps, which are convenient for businesses and customers. Likewise, companies can also let customers track their orders through popular consumer-focused tracking apps.

Web-Based Order Tracking

Web-based order tracking often strikes a sweet spot for businesses and customers. It can be easily rolled out as part of a company’s existing website, and people can easily check in on their orders through their online account or link. Good web-based online tracking should be accessible on mobile and desktop websites.

Conveniently, most of today’s mainstream shipping companies offer web-based order tracking. Businesses can simply provide customers with a tracking number they can use on any of these services. However, it is important to understand the differences between the online order tracking offered by USPS, UPS, and FedEx. The top three shipping operations differ greatly in terms of how reliable their tracking services and deliveries are.

SMS and Email Order Updates

Businesses can also implement order tracking through text or email updates. These require the customer’s consent to use, but they can be highly convenient for people who may not want to download an app or watch a tracking link.

Text and email tracking updates can be part of an automated strategy that streamlines order fulfillment from purchase to delivery. People can stay informed about their order status with minimal effort from customer service personnel, allowing for a balance between efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Unlocking the Benefits of Order Tracking

Order tracking is a must-have in e-commerce today. Customer satisfaction hinges on a good shipping experience. The key to ensuring that is transparency and visibility through effective order tracking. Whether this is offered through an app, website, or text and email, it reduces customer service strain while improving the buying experience.

It ultimately enables modern businesses to build trust with people on every order, from purchase to delivery. An effective strategy will lead to repeat business and a good reputation, resulting in more sales.

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