February 28, 2024

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Hatch Rest Baby Sound Machine and Night Light

New Tech for New Parents: Hacks for Greater Peace of Mind

For parents of any age, keeping your child safe is the number one priority. And for new parents, the second priority is probably trying to preserve a little mental clarity and get a semi-decent night’s sleep.

From getting your newborn on a consistent sleep schedule to figuring out how to attach a seatbelt to an over-complicated booster seat, the world of parenting is filled with little challenges and puzzles to solve. For many bumbling fathers, simply remembering your baby is in the back seat on the way back from a long day of errands is an accomplishment. Thankfully, in 2022, technology is by our side every step of the way, helping to scale back the challenges of parenting and put (at least some) of the puzzles on easy mode.

Modern Monitoring

Nanit pro Smart Baby Monitor and Wall Mount

Nothing contributes to peace of mind more than knowing your baby is sleeping safely and comfortably. Babies are at a heightened risk of suffocation and strangulation while sleeping, so parents are constantly worrying whether their child is breathing safely in his or her crib. Babies also sleep deeply, so it can be difficult to discern whether they are breathing properly. Video monitors have come a long way in recent years, and products like the Nanit Pro Smart baby monitor take all the newest technology available in baby monitoring and roll it into one device.

First and foremost, the Nanit is a video monitor. It provides a clear view at all times of the entire crib — even in the dark. The kit comes with a swaddle that has a custom-designed pattern that is detected by the camera, enabling real-time breathing monitoring. The camera can then send an alert to a paired app on your phone if anything is wrong. Additionally, the app includes sleep metrics with video history, sleep tracking, and even sleep coaching.

Sleep Easy

Getting children to conform to a consistent sleep schedule can be tiresome in itself. The trick is to have a structured bedtime routine while also making it fun instead of a chore.

Starting this process early will ensure progression to a regular nighttime routine happens smoothly. The Hatch Rest does just that. With 11 soothing sounds, a customizable nightlight, sleep programs, and a time-to-rise feature, your child will be able to get to sleep and learn a bedtime schedule over time. The Rest also adapts to your child’s growth by offering different features for each stage of development. With a soft light that provides white noise for newborns, the comfort of a nightlight for preschoolers, and a color-coded time-to-rise tool for older children, the Rest covers all the bases. 

A Little Security Goes a Long Way

While the challenges are still significant, today’s parents have it a little easier than previous generations. Of course, mothers will tell you there is no substitute for the instinctual “eyes in the back of their head,” but the products that are now available can provide an extra layer of security and convenience.

By Aron Vaughan

By Aron Vaughan

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