February 21, 2024

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Volume 9/Issue 1 of Innovation & Tech Today

In this issue, we foray into the Metaverse, exploring virtual and augmented realities and discuss the worst case scenario of artificial intelligence that the Terminator movies presaged  – killer robots. 

Billions co-star, David Constable, joins us to talk about the hit Showtime series and his personal mission to build a sustainable family home. And the eminent Deepak Chopra discusses his efforts to accelerate holistic medicine through technology.

Come explore Nashville with us and learn how Music City, USA became America’s newest tech boomtown. 

Plus, we unveil this year’s highly anticipated Top 50 Most Innovative Products from outdoor adventure, personal health, entertainment and gaming, petcare and much more.

You’ll also discover the latest innovations in sustainability, STEM, sports, NFT’s, as well as the lighter side of tech.

So join us in our ongoing mission to boldly seek out the newest innovations in technology.

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