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Buyer’s Guide: The Top 50 Most Innovative Products

2021 Winter Issue of Innovation & Tech Today

The Winter 2021 edition of Innovation & Tech Today is a super special issue you’ll want to get your hands on fast. Jackass alum Steve-O graces our cover as audiences prepped for the release of Jackass Forever. Steve-O talks in depth about the early days of content creators when it was just him, a skateboard and a VHS camcorder. Now, content creation for Steve-O looks very different and involves a tour bus with a mobile studio and a staff.

In addition, this issue features our Top 50 Most Innovative Products — and we found some truly awesome stuff this year! Our staff has taken a deep dive into a variety of topics for this issue, including:
  • The Most Anticipated Video Games of 2022
  • Blind Mountaineer Erik Weihenmayer Tells Us How He “Sees” the World
  • An Interview with Bar Rescue’s Jon Taffer
  • Isn’t Next Year Always Going to be the Year for EVs?
  • Prepping for a Generation of Tech-Savvy Seniors
  • Engineered Arts Unveils the Wildest Robot We’ve Seen To-Date
And much, much more!

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