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The world is a curious place and we at Innovation & Tech Today love nothing more than exploring its mysteries and discoveries. There is none more curious than Jeff Goldblum, who, in his new Disney+ show The World According to Jeff Goldblum, explores the origins and science behind everything from ice cream and tattoos to sneakers and bicycles. In his exclusive cover feature, we explore the curious mind of Goldblum, but there are plenty of other mysteries that this issue attempts to uncover:

  • How Samantha Bee is Saving the World
  • Innovator Profile: Solomon Ali on Capital, Connection, and Community
  • Tech Zone: Arizona
  • The State of Electric Vehicle Infrastructure
  • Life-Saving Outdoor Gear
  • How Apartments Are Getting an Upgrade
  • Are We Over-Subscribed?
  • NFL QB Josh Dobbs Discusses STEM and Sports
  • And More!

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