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Volume 8/Issue 2 of Innovation & Tech Today

This edition of Innovation & Tech Today is one we’ve been working on for quite some time. James “Hacksmith” Hobson on the cover marks a proud moment for us as we present our first purely digital celebrity. In addition to developing functional versions of countless working pieces of super hero technology, Hacksmith has built a mobile entertainment empire. Across all of his platforms, he and his team are watched by literally billions of people — making a modern television or film audience feel like a quaint party. For the cover, our designers chose to animate Hacksmith, as his efforts have made him a bit of a super hero in his own right.

In addition, you’ll learn more about the world of crypto, NFTs and Web3 than you ever planned to. As these markets began to grow (and dip and grow and dip), we felt like it was prime time to give you a walk through of each and what they mean to the future.

·         A Walkthrough of Disney’s Star Wars-themed Cruise
·         An interview with the JWST Chief Engineer
·         The Blossoming World of Nostalgia Tech
·         BMW Builds a Metaverse — to Build a Factory

·         The Last Tepui: An interview with Alex Honnold

And much, much more!

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