October 3, 2023

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Lux Algo Offers a Lifeline as Beginner Crypto Investors Struggle

Every investor has something in common no matter their educational background, motivation, or wealth: They were a beginner at some point.

While many might have taken their time to learn about trading strategies, terminology, markets, and tools, theory can only get you so far. More often than not, new investors join during bull markets to enjoy a period of profits until the bear market strikes.

This is the case right now as crypto, stocks, and gold markets have crashed after a bull run that lasted for the best part of 2021. With experts and media outlets reminding investors of the most catastrophic crashes in history, talking about a housing bubble, and predicting that two-thirds of all crypto funds will disappear, chaos is ensuing. It is not a surprise that most beginners have already fled while those brave (or foolish) enough try to survive the winter.

As any seasoned investor knows, a market winter doesn’t necessarily mean that no profit can be generated. In fact, those with the ability to forecast future trends are able to generate more profits once the bottom is reached. While this is no easy task, tools like fundamental, technical, and quantitative analysis can help investors make the right decisions.

Tools of the Trade

While tools like TradingView have made it easier for beginners to get market data and invest, many opt to follow trading strategies blindly. This means that proper analysis methods and an understanding can remain unknown to many beginners that opt to use it.

This was one of the essential problems that motivated the creation of Lux Algo, a platform designed to bring investors deeper understanding and usability with technical trading strategies, while also utilizing TradingView. With the mission to “provide the powerful tools + education to help people participate in financial markets smarter”, the startup behind it is already disrupting the industry significantly.

Founded by Sean Mack in 2020, Lux Algo has added powerful tools with an innovative approach  designed to enhance any investor’s  perspectives in financial markets.

These features are designed to be as accessible as possible for most beginners, which can be the difference between investing in disaster and success. However, as the team recognizes investor experience and knowledge vary, educational resources are readily available for all indicators, features, and terms used by the platform.

This ease of use has resulted in over 50k users around the world joining and using the platform, with more than 100k joining their Discord community to share and learn from each other. Lux Algo has also chosen to go open-source when it comes to many of its scripts, allowing community members to review them, offer feedback, and find issues if any.

With experts disagreeing on the causes and expected duration of the different market crashes, times are uncertain for investors of all levels. Fortunately, technology is fulfilling its role of bringing order to chaos and making decisions more effectively, with Lux Algo being at the forefront when it comes to technical analysis.

By Jordan French

By Jordan French

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