May 26, 2024

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Lead Conversation Tips For A Recession Climate

Most entrepreneurs, companies, and marketing experts will agree that lead conversion is an essential aspect of growing a business. However, research suggests that most organizations fail to follow essential principles to create efficient sales funnels that result in visible lead conversions. With the continual process of digitization making it more difficult to catch the attention of potential customers, marketing experts are finding themselves in the need of more efficient tools to convert leads.

Weak offers, lack of calls to action, unnecessary number of steps, and lack of follow-ups are only some of the factors that need to be considered when designing a sales funnel. As such, it is now a surprise that this is one of the most common challenges when it comes to converting leads into sales, especially as most businesses opt to focus on the size of the funnel instead of the aforementioned elements.

Unfortunately, understanding the principles of creating a good sales funnel is not enough to guarantee its efficiency. This is especially true at a time when the internet is making trends more variable than ever. As such, the constant update of the strategies is a must, which results in high use of resources and the need for experimentation. This is where SaaS solutions come in, offering an accessible solution that facilitates the funnel creation process while also providing automation features for tasks like testing.

Effective SaaS Solutions Through EZFunnels

But what makes an effective SaaS solution? According to Said Shiripour, Founder of EZFunnels, it is all about remembering that “products should be as simple as they are effective.” This philosophy not only allowed his platform to increase its headcount eight-fold in just three gears but also to deliver more than 5,000 actionable leads to B2B and B2C customers. These, which are spread across more than 100 industries, have seen on average over five-times growth in monthly earnings, all while reducing costs associated with marketing.

The effectiveness that EZFunnels offers is the offering of templates, tools, and ideas to its customers in a simple one-stop shop. These allow for the creation of a variety of elements ranging from landing pages to end-to-end digital funnels, all without requiring prior technical training to be used. Said says in this regard:

“In the midst of arcane SEO strategies and countless systems for different tactics, the practice of digital marketing had become tedious and dominated by a few companies who could afford to hire a legion of system specialists. EZFunnels was built to alleviate that complexity, put the creative back in marketing, and help organizations of any size differentiate their brand.”

As modularity becomes increasingly important with the rise in popularity of no-code solutions, ensuring the compatibility of the software with existing tools is a must. When it comes to sales funnels, platforms must ensure that email-marketing software, payment services, and marketing platforms can be easily integrated. Not only has Shiripour ensured that all of these integrations are guaranteed with every update to the platform but he has also prioritized their ease of use.

As we transition out of the information age, competition is only expected to increase due to the relevance that experience will play. This represents an opportunity for SaaS companies to attract more customers around the globe but also to solve pressing customer challenges in the contemporary world. Software is not a solution to the problem but the solution. 

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