July 12, 2024

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How to Get More Website Visitors to Join Your Email List

By using pop-ups, lead magnets, and calls-to-action on your website, you can get your site visitors to join your email list. You then have a number of leads that you can target. And, of course, when you have more leads, you can gain more sales of your products or services. 

But how exactly do you go about getting more people to join your email list? Here are some of the best methods that you should consider using.

Ensure Your Signup Form Looks Great on Any Device

You are sure to have taken note of the best UI and UX design principles for the design of your website because you know how much an easily-navigable and aesthetically pleasing site can attract and engage visitors.

Well, the same thinking should apply to the signup forms for your email list.

When your email signup forms use eye-catching designs, you can get more people signing up. And by using your own custom questions and tagging subscribers with details, you can send better emails with the personal data you have captured.

Furthermore, your signup form should be designed to look great on any device.

Provide Compelling Offers

Creating an attractive signup form is only half the battle. You still need to give your website’s visitors good reasons for signing up.

Spend some time thinking about your customer demographics. Consider what your website visitors like and care about so that you can come up with the right compelling offers that will ensure more people give you their email addresses.

For instance, you could provide things like new visitor offers, seasonal promotions, and VIP membership offers to people in return for them signing up to your email list.

Be Open About What Happens to Email Addresses After Your Site’s Visitors Join Your List

In this day and age, people are more likely to give you their email addresses if you are honest about what happens to their email addresses after signing up to your email list. So, set expectations and be as specific as possible.

For instance, you should let people who sign up know how their information is being kept secure, what privacy precautions you are taking, and how often they can expect to receive emails from you.

The more open and transparent you are about such things, the more people you will get signing up to your email list.

Provide Excellent Content to Attract More Signups and Build Customer Loyalty

What do people who sign up get in return for giving you their email addresses? You should carefully consider the content you deliver.

While many businesses provide special promo codes and access to VIP offers to people who sign up to email lists, you have the potential to offer much more, and thereby attract more signups.

By offering valuable content, you can also build trust and loyalty with the people on your email list.

You could provide content like exclusive downloadable e-books, informational videos, or educational tips, to give you just a few ideas.

Make the content you provide more valuable and bespoke to your target audience, and you are sure to get more website visitors joining your email list and buying your products or services.

Customize Pop-ups for Different Target Customers

You are sure to get more of your website’s visitors joining your email list if you target specific people by customizing your pop-ups for different audiences.

To do that, build a unique landing page that prospective customers arrive at after clicking a social media PPC ad or an organic post.

Based on your demographic data, you can then create custom pop-ups for each demographic and launch specific social media campaigns for each one.

Use Other Methods Besides Pop-ups to Get Website Visitors’ Email Addresses

If you are only using pop-ups to get your website visitors to sign up to your email list, you should consider expanding the ways in which you get people to sign up.

Launching a contest or a giveaway is one great option. And the better the prize is, the more people you will get signing up. You could provide your products or services as prizes, or you could provide something like free shipping on products for a year.

Alternatively, you could even partner with other companies or entrepreneurs to help promote their products, as long as they do not conflict with your own interests while enabling you to get a substantial number of new email addresses. 

Summing Up

You now know some great ways of getting more of your website’s visitors to join your email list. To recap:
Ensure your signup form looks great on any device.

Provide compelling offers.

Be open about what happens to the email addresses you collect.

Provide excellent content.

Customize your pop-ups.

Use methods like providing contests and giveaways.

At the end of the day, the more time and thought you give to come up with effective strategies, and the more you tailor those strategies to your brand and the products or services you offer, the more people you will get joining your email list.

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