April 21, 2024

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How Artificial Intelligence Is Used In Web Design

Artificial intelligence is a powerful technology that gives computers the ability to solve some tasks on their own after training it, or sometimes with no training at all. Web design, just like other creative professions, was initially believed not to be menaced by AI. However, today we can already see how the new technologies are transforming this field.

AI in Web Design Today

Websites today have to be functional and quick. Moreover, they often have to provide personalized user experience if you want to increase customer retention. This is precisely where artificial intelligence can help.

This will allow you to speed up the process, save time, and focus on more critical and creative moments of a website redesign.

Generative algorithms that can offer many design concepts in minutes are already being used both in software for professionals and in mass online services, like logo generators. If you also think about the latest advances in the field of computer vision and deep neural networks (which in recent years have proven their effectiveness in many areas), you will understand why generative algorithms are becoming more and more popular.

How to Redesign a Website Using AI

With the help of a top level design agency, here is how you can automate the redesign of your website with the use of the latest technologies:

  1. To achieve quick loading and adaptation of the page for mobile devices, you need to get the structure and content of the old version of your website, and then wrap this data into a more modern code.
  2. Use generative algorithms to quickly draw out several design options, based on customized parameters like:
  • The rules (for example, if the site has a phone number, you should put it in the header and make it clickable)
  • Examples of the various layouts you like
  • Content of the old site: a set of text blocks, pictures, files, etc.
  1. Having received several new options for arranging content and static design elements, choose the one that works best. If we’re talking about a typical landing page for a small business, we can simulate an average user, and the machine-learning model will predict which design will most likely delay a website visitor.

Ai-Powered Website Builders

Artificial intelligence technologies are now being used by leading UX/UI professionals. They use AI-powered analytics to predict customer behavior, analyze the competitors, and engineer a solution that appears to be the most attractive to customers. However, there is more to it than that.

If you want to see AI in action for the redesign of your website without any financial risks, you might want to try out an AI-powered website builder first. They allow you to build a website from scratch or redesign an existing one. While such solutions are still imperfect and you will need the help of professionals if you want your webpage to shine, they are worth trying out. They are certainly cheaper than hiring a team of UX/UI specialists, so they are great to test some of your concepts before addressing an agency. This will help you to understand what exactly you can expect from your website and formulate your ideas for the team more clearly.

Here are some top AI webpage constructors:

  • Wix is one of the most widely known website builders. Due to their AI, you can know better design layouts for free. However, if you are designing a website for your business, you don’t want it to have Wix’s watermark. In this case, you will have to pay for a subscription. However, prices are still very economical.
  • Jimdo is the place where you can construct a website from scratch. Just like Wix, it requires you to know zero coding and provides a variety of templates to choose from. You can start for free and benefit from customized designs made for your industry, automatic SEO software, professional domains that are inexpensive to host, and easy-to-track statistics.
  • Weblium provides you the possibility to experiment with AI website design yourself or address the agency so that they did it for you. They apply automation for part of the job while keeping some parts of the work customized. This way, you save money and get stunning results.


Using artificial intelligence for website redesign and construction is a logical step toward the improvement and democratization of the industry as a whole. Algorithms can significantly speed up the processes and provide valuable insights that make your products even more fabulous.


By I&T Today

By I&T Today

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