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Sleep Number photo
Sleep Number photo
By David Wallach

Hot Sleeper, Cold Sleeper; Sleep Number Launched New Tech to Help You Sleep Better

Sleep Number just released the Climate360 smart bed that uses advanced temperature technology to create a personalized and responsive microclimate and has automatic firmness adjustability for each side of the bed.

Research shows that a slight decrease of 1 to 1.5 degrees in core body temperature helps sleepers fall asleep quicker and stay asleep. Available now, the new smart bed is designed to help reduce core body temperature throughout the night, working with one’s natural sleep cycles, actively warming then cooling the microclimate for deeper, more restful sleep.

According to a Sleep Number survey, temperature during sleep is an issue most people have difficulty solving, with 80% of couples reporting one or both partners sleep too hot or cold. Studies have shown that regulating temperature throughout the night can lead to higher sleep quality.

Because all people are physiologically different, the Climate360 smart bed allows each person to choose the microclimate that is most comfortable for them on their side of the bed.


The Climate360 smart bed can warm an individual’s feet, which is designed to help release heat through their skin to help lower core body temperature. This sends signals to the brain that it’s bedtime and helps each individual fall asleep faster.

Then, throughout the night as the body loses heat, Climate360 smart bed uses routines or preferences selected by each individual to either cool or warm according to their needs. It can remove heat from the smart bed and the area immediately surrounding each sleeper at night — their personal microclimate — or warm by gently pushing warm air into the microclimate.

“Struggling with temperature during sleep is a major challenge for many people, especially couples,” said Annie Bloomquist, Chief Innovation Officer, Sleep Number. “The Climate360 smart bed delivers the quality sleep needed to live a healthy life by regulating each partner’s temperature and adjusting to their personal sleep environment, their microclimate.”

Almost 90 percent of in-home testers reported that their sleep quality improved since using the Climate360 smart bed.

There’s Nothing Like a Good Night’s Sleep

Starting at about $8000 there is a substantial investment in this kind of sleep technology, but what is a good nights sleep worth to you?  Sleep Number data shows that sleepers using 360® smart bed technology achieve 28 minutes more restful sleep per night.

Every Sleep Number 360® smart bed, including the new Climate360 smart bed, is operated by a proprietary sleep system designed to deliver an adaptive and individually curated sleep experience. It controls the experience of the smart beds, providing effortless comfort and automatic adjustability.

It accurately tracks average heart rate, average breathing rate and body motion using research-grade sensors — combining the physical and digital worlds — to deliver enhanced sleep wellness, remedy sleep issues and aid in recovery to improve an individual’s health over time. Its dynamic algorithm — which measures sleep time, restful and restless sleep, average respiratory rate and in-bed HRV.

You can take the bed for a test drive at most Sleep Number stores or get even more information here.

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Hot Sleeper, Cold Sleeper; Sleep Number Launched New Tech to Help You Sleep Better

October 27, 2022
By David Wallach

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