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How HobNob Is Making Social Media Safer

April 7, 2018
By Alex Moersen

There’s no doubt that social media has become a major part of our modern culture. Whether it’s how someone gets their news, connects with old friends, or even works, social media has become a disruptive force rather than an internet fad. However, just because the intentions of social media are positive does not mean that the results are always the same, especially for children. In fact, according to Do Something, approximately 43 percent of children have experienced cyberbullying, with a quarter facing it on multiple occasions. Thankfully, there are new emerging social media platforms such as HobNob.

Officially rolled out on April 1st, HobNob is a long-overdue alternative to the established suite of social media websites. Created by Transformacon, the social media platform has a large focus on safety and privacy. This can be seen in the app’s basic setup, which allows parents the ability to have more control over their children’s activity while still providing a fun and streamlined social media experience.

You can tell from the website alone that this is a social media platform that’s not only inviting but fun and playful as well. In addition to the inviting orange coloring around the site, HobNob also showcases the adorable mascot Hob, a mustachioed robot wearing a monocle. If they were trying to subtly show that the platform is both sophisticated and charming, they definitely went about it the right way.

One of the greatest aspects of HobNob is the fact that it is enticing to children and adults alike. Adults looking to explore social media without all the clutter of other sites will find the platform much simpler to navigate, while children benefit from its encouraged positivity. Outside of inviting more sophisticated social media usage, the platform is also free of advertising, something that discourages social media users of all kinds.

Now more than ever, a social media platform like HobNob is not only wanted but almost completely necessary. By creating a space that reduces the stress and negativity that is often invited by general social media websites, HobNob looks to create a smarter, more fun, and, most importantly, safer place for people to connect online.

You can see the official HobNob website here and make sure to check out the official app on the iOS store. Additionally make sure to visit Hobnob, Inc. for more information on the platform.

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