May 25, 2024

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Ryobi 40V Brushless 625 CFM Whisper Series Backpack Blower
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Give Green and Blow Them Away with a Ryobi Electric Leaf Blower

From Vermont to California, the push to move to battery-powered lawn tools is no longer an idea, but a movement that cities are getting behind.

A new bill introduced in the Illinois General Assembly would ban the sale of gas-powered leaf blowers in Illinois retail stores and slap residents caught using them with a $500 fine.

In Burlington, Vermont, a new ordinance prohibits using gas-powered leaf blowers from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Only electric or battery-powered blowers under 65 decibels per lot may be used.  Many other cities around the country are adopting similar laws.

The basic arguments that resonate are noise and pollution.

Gas-powered blowers operate at 90 decibels. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that level of noise can cause hearing damage after two hours of exposure.

Gas engines also contribute to air pollution in residential neighborhoods.  So, cities are moving to ban or limit gas-powered lawn equipment.

Until recently, gas-powered tools meant power, while electric meant less noise and emissions, but lacked in performance.

There are many factors that go into what makes a good electric lawn tool, batteries and run-time are at the center of this ever-growing conversation.  However, as the technology in batteries continues to evolve the amount of power they are able to pack into a smaller easier to carry space continues to grow, bridging the gap between gas and electric.

Ryobi 40V Brushless 625 CFM Whisper Series Backpack Blower
Ryobi photo

If you are looking at lawn tools that are also more friendly to the environment, then the Ryobi 40V Brushless 625 CFM Whisper Series Backpack Blower has the power to blow away the gas-powered competition, not break your budget and as a bonus, if you gift wrap the box it will be pretty cool looking.

What makes the Ryobi 40V Brushless 625 CFM Whisper Series Backpack so special?

It’s the blend of power, runtime, and innovation.

It’s Quiet. At just 59 dB, this Whisper Series backpack blower is the quietest in the industry. It’s quiet and doesn’t use gas, meaning, noise, fumes, and gas are a thing of the past.

It’s Powerful.  CROSSFORCE Fan Technology and a brushless motor work together to deliver a powerful punch at 625 CFM and 145 MPH, giving you enough power to get the job done and your yard clean.

It has a great run time. The Ryobi 40V Brushless 625 CFM Whisper Series Backpack Blower has two slots for batteries giving you about 45 minutes of run time or a ¾ acre lot.

It’s easy to use. It includes pro features like a variable speed throttle and cruise control, offering convenient operation at your fingertips.

It has adjustable shoulder straps and a contoured back making it comfortable, you know for a leaf blower strapped to your back.

The Turbo Boost function is excellent and really gets those hard-to-shift leaves flying.

The joystick type control can be moved forwards, backward, and turned left to right to ensure a comfortable fit for any arm and hand.

The RYOBI 40V Lithium-ion Backpack Blower is also backed by a 5-year warranty.

Assembly is quick and fairly easy.

We ran The Ryobi backpack blower through as many tests as we could in all kinds of conditions from light coverage to massive piles of leaves, and it passed each test that we could put it through. A definite plus was we didn’t smell like gas when we were done.

It’s quiet, strong, and built to get the job done.  $249 price point, it’s competitive with the higher-priced gas models in the same class.

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