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Five Clever Ways to Edit Photos for Your Website or Social Media

Websites and social media channels need to use eye-catching imagery to engage people.

So, if you want to stand out from the crowd, you should become familiar with the following five clever ways to edit your photos.

1. Use Proportional Balance in Your Photos

Cropping your images so that the proportions are balanced and the pictures become eye-catching is a simple but clever way to edit your photos for your website or social media channels.

You could follow the rule of thirds, which basically involves dividing an image into three equally-sized parts and using a grid to ensure the points of interest in your image lie on the lines or intersections.

But using the golden ratio technique is even better.

The golden ratio has been used by artists for centuries to create more aesthetically pleasing images through composition and balance. The golden ratio’s approximate proportions are 1.618 to 1.

When you get the composition and balance right in your photos, you can make your imagery much more appealing.

2. Use a Slimming Tool to Change the Shape of Photos

There are various touch-up tools you can use in photo editing software to make your photographs look more professional and visually appealing.

One neat tool is BeFunky’s slim photo editor, which slims down your images.

Often, when you take photos, you can end up with wider images than intended. So, with a slim photo editor tool, you can correct that distortion. Or you may simply want to use the tool to make people in your photos look thinner or change the shape of your images.

The slim photo editor tool is easy to use. All it takes is a few clicks.

3. Turn Your Photos into Art

You will find some fantastic tools with the best photo editing software besides the slimming tool that can help you edit your images so that they become completely transformed.

For instance, you could use a tool to turn your photograph into a work of art.

You can use tools to make photos look like watercolors, oil paintings, or Pop Art, for instance.

Using such effects in the right way can make a huge difference to your photos’ appeal. And the appeal of your imagery is of course very important when you are posting the pictures on your website and social media channels.

Just make sure you use the right type of photo effect to suit your brand.

4. Create a Collage

You can also use some photo editing software to create collages. Simply add the photos you want to be included in the collage and the collage wizard will do the rest.

Alternatively, you could manually put together a collage.

You should use a wide variety of photos in your collage, such as close-ups and ones with wide vistas, but make sure the images all work well together.

Whether you use a collage creation tool or make a collage manually, collages can be great for showing potential followers what your brand is all about.

And speaking of your brand, if you are launching your brand’s first event, check out these strategies to ensure success.

5. Remove the Background of Photos

It is easy to overlook just how clever modern technology has become. These days, it is quick and simple to remove backgrounds from photographs.

With a background removal tool, you can get rid of things in the background of your photos that detract from the main focal point or simply do not look good in the shot.

For instance, you could have a fabulous photo of you at the beach, but if there is an overflowing trash can behind you, it could turn off viewers.

With a background removal tool, you can get rid of such eyesores and add a background of your choice.

By I&T Today

By I&T Today

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