March 2, 2024

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Dented Feels to Release Customized NFT Traits Build to Make Your NFT More…You

Dented Feels, an artist-founded and emotionally-driven NFT PFP project, announced the upcoming launch of a proprietary NFT trait customization build that will hand the keys of art generation over to the collectors, while allowing them to own the original NFT and all interchangeable art pieces.

The build, Dented Dreams, will set the stage for the expansion of the Genesis NFT collection with Mood Swings Volume 1, giving collectors the ability to own multiple traits – “Mood Swings” – made by the artist, released for free, to combine them with any Dented Feels NFT.

Distinguishing itself from other PFP projects, Dented Feels, a project centered around emotional intelligence, now speaks directly to those collectors who identify with their NFTs and want to be able to evolve their collection in a way that continually reflects themselves and their ever-changing moods and states of being.

This concept was inspired by the question of whether an artist could expand an NFT collection
by dropping ‘traits’ instead of full PFPs – and what if those traits, created through smart contract
technology, could then be applied to the original art and regenerated with those desired traits

“The key to this build is the ability to take a generative collection that wasn’t designed for customization, and then repurposing it so that it can be deconstructed later on without destroying the original token. Doing this would build interest in the Genesis collection, by adding utility into the art and project ecosystem, by creating a new way to interact with your personal art collection,” said Dentin Garrett, the artist and founder behind Dented Feels.

With large collections such as Dented Feels, which have massive demand already, “dropping another 11,000 collection only hurts the first collection, as well as the holders to that collection, because those new NFTs don’t add direct value back to that first Genesis Collection.”

“My favorite part of the creative process for generative art collections is exploring trait combinations, finding beautiful visual metaphors that could be locked with certain combinations of traits. When the genesis collection was released, that explorative process ended. Final combinations are now locked in. This novel tech is designed to hand the keys of art generation over to the collectors. Allowing for literally billions of potential visual metaphors to be unlocked,” Dentin shared.

By building out the expansion in this way, Dented Feels is able to ensure, “that original art piece will remain yours, and you will own every new piece that you combine to it. You can sell it as one collective piece. You can deconstruct it and reconstruct it with more pieces to collect in the future. You can now collect and trade art from an artist, where that artist is actively and continually making meaningful traits that you can collect and combine in your own ways.”

Dentin continued that, “Dented Feels is more than an art project, it’s a story – a story of an artist’s triumph over greed that played out in real time. This expansion was designed to stay true to the narrative that lives at the core of the Dented Feels collection – I had Dented Feels when my dreams were crushed and stolen. In channeling all the mood swings that I went through to finish out that Genesis collection, I was able to achieve my Dented Dream. Now, the collectors that hold Dented Feels, will be able to use Mood Swings to create their very own Dented Dreams.”

The official release of NFTs is planned for September. The first drop of Mood Swings “trading packs” will be 1st editions released for free and available via pre-order at the Dented Feels Reward Shop, a virtual storefront where collectors redeem Feels Points.

About Dented Feels
Dented Feels is a digital art project that utilizes pioneering blockchain technology and Solidity contracts to redefine what it means to be an artist and collector in the modern era. Since its February 2022 launch, it has championed the “Dented, Not Broken” mantra of what it means to hope and dream in Web3 through its Genesis NFT Collection. For more information, please visit

By I&T Today

By I&T Today

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