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Crypto Crunch: The Latest News in Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and NFTs: April 14-19, 2022

Another exciting week in the world of cryptocurrency and NFTs has arrived!

In this week’s Crypto Crunch, I talk about some of the most exciting news and developments sweeping across the industry and globe, including but not limited to: Robinhood Adds Four New Cryptos To Its PlatformUFC Bonus Payouts in Bitcoin, NFT Movies Coming Soon, and more.

So are you ready for the crunch? Let’s get started!

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Robinhood Inevitably Adds Shiba Inu To Crypto Offerings, Among Other Big Name Projects

Last week, after a successful trial in beta and heavy testing through the fall of 2021, Robinhood rolled out its much-anticipated crypto wallet.

With over two million waitlisted customers patiently lingering for the opportunity for crypto holding and trading within the Robinhood app, it was time to get the party started. At Bitcoin’s 2022 conference in Miami, Chief Product Officer for Robinhood said that the product shows the company’s dedication and commitment to the crypto space.

In addition, early Tuesday morning this week, Robinhood Investments, in a tweet, announced the additions of four new cryptocurrencies available for trading on their platform. Shiba Inu, Solana, Polygon, and Compound are now available to trade.

This announcement is an inspiring move for Shiba Inu and their highly dedicated community. They are now successfully listed on all major trading platforms.

UFC Begins Paying Fighter Bonuses In Bitcoin

In July of 2021, and the UFC announced a historic partnership that would crown as UFC’s first-ever global Official Fight Kit Partner. The collaboration would allow to further extend its reaches into a trendy entertainment community sweeping from the Average Joe to celebrities and even MMA athletes.

In recent news, and UFC have collaborated on a unique bonus system where fans can vote on the week’s top fighters to receive lump-sum bonuses in Bitcoin. This move is a unique strategy to reward fighters and create an interactive platform that further bridges MMA fans and cryptocurrency.

UFC President Dana White, in a recent interview, said that, since the collaboration took place last summer, has been one of the best partnerships the MMA juggernaut has ever worked with and ultimately is impressed with how creative the duo continues evolving.

Epic Games Receive $2 Billion in Funding From Sony & LEGO For Metaverse Plans

In a recent funding round for Metaverse plans, Fortnite creators Epic Games received two significant contributions from companies Sony and KIRKBI, the investor behind LEGO, totaling $1 billion each.

Epic Games, creatively known for its wild and fun gameplay, aims to form an ideal space for creators and users to thrive collaboratively in an immersive Metaverse experience. Epic Games will undoubtedly staple themselves as a pioneer within the Metaverse realm with pooled funding from Sony and Lego, combined with their ever-growing tech, innovation, and global market.

Binance Donates $10 Million to Ukrainian Humanitarian Efforts

The sad conflicts between Russia and Ukraine haven’t slowed down and, if anything, have only continued heating up over the last few weeks.

The Binance Charity Foundation has committed a $10 million donation toward humanitarian efforts supporting Ukraine in recent news. In addition, Binance launched a crypto-first crowdfunding site to provide aid to Ukraine’s people further.

The crowdfunding site, named Ukraine Emergency Relief Fund, allows Binance investors to aid humanitarian efforts. Since launching, UERF has raised over $11.8 million in relief. Click here to learn more about the fund and Binance’s dedication to helping the people of Ukraine.

Dallas Cowboys Announce Partnership, Crowning Them First NFL Team With Crypto Deal

Crypto partnerships have been sweeping across professional sports throughout the last year with UFC, NBA, and Futbol all wading into blockchain technologies.

This week, Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys, announced an official partnership with, a cryptocurrency platform that supports buying, selling, and trading crypto. This partnership will bring the first-ever crypto and Web3 experience to fans of the NFL.

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