December 10, 2023

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BOTE Rackham Aero Inflatable SUP: A Board for All Reasons 

If you are looking for a versatile and capable inflatable paddle board that can handle fishing, hunting, expeditions and family adventures, you should definitely check out the Bote Rackham Aero Inflatable Standup paddle board. This board is designed to offer stability, capacity and mobility for paddlers of all skill levels and sizes. This review will focus on the Rackham Aero 12’4″ model, which comes in four color schemes: Jade, Cypress, Bug Slinger and Camo.

The Rackham Aero 12’4″ comes in a ready-to-ride package that includes the board, a three-piece adjustable SUP paddle, an Aero paddle seat, a center fin, a removable pedal port, a repair kit and a dual-action hand pump. Everything fits neatly in a rolling travel bag that makes it easy to transport and store. The board itself is made from highly durable AeroBote construction, which uses two layers of PVC material for extra stiffness and durability. The board also features a two-chamber construction that increases the capacity and safety of the board.

An impressive feature of the Rackham Aero 12’4″ is its compatibility with Bote’s APEX Pedal Drive system, which allows you to transform the board into a pedal-driven watercraft in minutes. The pedal drive system is sold separately, but it is worth the investment if you want to enjoy hands-free propulsion and maneuverability on the water. The pedal drive system fits into a removable port on the board, which can also be used to mount other accessories such as a Power-Pole Micro Anchor or a Sandspear.

Stable and versatile

The Rackham Aero 12’4″ Paddle Seat, gives you the option to sit down and paddle or pedal comfortably. The seat is easy to attach and detach using Velcro straps, and it has a padded backrest and seat cushion for support. The seat also has two gear pockets on the sides for convenience.

The board has a generous 400-pound carrying capacity, which means you can load it up with gear, coolers, fishing rods and even your furry best friend. The board has plenty of attachment points for securing your items, including 10 grab handles, 20 D-rings, six Bungee straps and four cooler tie-downs. The board also has a full-length deck pad that provides traction and comfort for standing or sitting.

The board performs well on the water, thanks to its thick rails, recessed deck and center and side fins. The board is stable enough to handle choppy conditions and waves, and it tracks well in different directions. The board is also agile enough to turn easily with the help of the pedal drive system or the paddle. The board glides smoothly and efficiently on flat water, making it ideal for long-distance paddling or exploring.

Overall, the Bote Rackham Aero Inflatable Standup paddle board is an excellent choice for paddlers who want a versatile and capable inflatable paddle board that can handle fishing, hunting, expedition and family adventures. The board offers stability, capacity and mobility for paddlers of all skill levels and sizes. The board is compatible with the APEX Pedal Drive system and the Aero SUP Paddle Seat, which give you more options to enjoy the water. The board is well-built and well-designed, with plenty of features and accessories to enhance your experience.

By Jim Daws

By Jim Daws

Jim Daws is Managing Editor for Innovation & Tech Today.

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