June 16, 2024

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Apple Turning Privacy Into A USP: But Is It Enough?

According to recent statistics, as many as 80% of consumers are concerned about the use of their data, with 67% claiming that they have left websites due to their concerns of how their data is going to be used. Furthermore, 83% of consumers are concerned that their data is going to be tracked, collected and then sold to third-parties.

When it comes to technology in 2023, then, it appears that data privacy is one of the main things people will look for when they invest in technology. This is part of the reason why companies like Icogni are seeing rapid growth; people care about their data and they want to do something about it.

Apple’s USP

Apple has certainly noticed this, too. Just last year, Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president, said that the company is aiming to put the control back in the users’ hands.

They will do this by making it harder for companies to trace and build a profile of users. More specifically, they will trigger social media popups where there were no popups before, effectively allowing users to decide whether they want to keep their information private before engaging with a post or website.

In effect, Apple is making its privacy a USP. When purchasing an Apple product, users will know that they are investing in a company that cares about their security, a fact that is – unfortunately – all too rare in this day and age.

But how much will Apple’s precedent really change things, and is it going to be enough? Surely it’s wise to purchase an Apple product while subscribing to Incogni, a company built on solid and efficient data protection?

The Importance Of Awareness

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As mentioned previously, data privacy is at the forefront of our mind when using technology. When it comes to popups, however, more often than not, users will consent to their data being collected without really knowing how far that data could go. This is especially true when it comes to data brokers, who can collect your information without you knowing that they are doing it.

This is why companies like Icogni have become so prevalent in 2023, as they give users the ability to opt out of data brokers and take their information back into their own hands. Although Apple’s data protection USP is making the right steps towards data protection, it’s difficult to see their stance as a solution in the same way that Icogni is a solution. It is simply a USP. 

But it is a positive one. Not many big technology companies like Apple are making impactful strides in this area, and the most positive thing about Apple’s strides are that they raise awareness of data collection and how it will be achieved in 2023.

As discussed before, there is a sizable amount of people who do not know how data is collected, when it is collected, or what is done with it after the fact. At the very least, Apple’s USP is making people aware of the extent of the problem without actually fully solving it.

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