April 19, 2024

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A Better Night’s Sleep with a Few Surprising Innovations

They say you can’t put a price on a good night’s sleep, but Eight Sleep has — and it’s worth every penny.

Liquid temperature control is not a new industry. The idea of using liquid and machines to heat or cool things is an industry that’s been thriving for several decades.

Sleeping is also not a new idea. From what we can gather, beings have been sleeping since night number one. As a matter of fact, sleeping is one of three pillars of health, together with fitness and nutrition.

The science of sleep helps us understand how a good night’s sleep can help everything from your athletic recovery to your mental state. The global sleep market is expected to grow from $430 billion in 2019 to $585 billion by 2024.

The idea of mixing liquid temperature control and sleeping is also an evolving technology that, to date, has been too expensive or unreliable.

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Enter Eight Sleep, founded in 2014 with the mission of optimizing the way people sleep. Like many other sleep tech companies, the onset of COVID-19 became the turning point for people who were suffering from “Covid-somnia” and looking for relief.

From insomnia to hypersomnia, night terrors to the misuse of sleep medications, the phenomenon is being reported and treated not only in people recovering from COVID-19, but in the far greater number of people whose lives have been turned upside down by fear and social isolation.

Then some may be a certain age and their life partner is going through a certain life change. Sleeping next to her may or may not be like sleeping next to a blast furnace that needs to keep the room in sub-zero conditions to be comfortable.

Comfort. That’s the key; the definition of comfort is as vast as the dreams we have when we finally fall asleep.

Eight Sleep Pod Pro Cover is not only comfortable but utilizes technology to make sure your sleep experience leaves you well-rested, comfortable, and ready to take on a brand-new day (or late afternoon if you’re in the music industry).

It comes in a set of boxes that includes the pod, and two different sheet-type thingy’s that zipper together to create “Active Grid Technology” that thermoregulates both sides of the mattress, while water quietly is pumped through a bladder/grid to make the “magic happen.”

This means you can have one side ice cold and the other side warm and comfy, all using liquid temperature control regulated from the pod, sending water through the grid to help each sleeper hone in on their perfect temperature.

You don’t have to plunk down thousands for a new mattress. Instead, the Pro Pod Cover fits securely over your current mattress, converting it to a high-tech sleeping experience. The app is one of the more user-friendly, easy-to-follow apps we have encountered and walks the user through every step of setting things up.

The Eight Sleep Pod Pro Cover does more than regulate your temperature. It learns “how” you sleep and uses the data it gathers to evolve and help you sleep better.

It’s all about integration with the app and biometric feedback. An array of sensors tracks sleep phases, heart rate, respiratory rate, how many times you roll over, how many minutes you are out of bed, and a lot more, for up to two people. All of this data gives you a “sleep fitness score” via the app (both iOs and Android compatible) which assigns a number to how well or how poorly you slept. The higher the score, the better the sleep.

The pod is relatively quiet when it engages.

At first, it was noticeable, but it’s easy to get used to and sounds similar to the heat or AC kicking on. Is all this worth the $1,600-$2,000 price? Yes.

With many products, there is a placebo effect, where you are so excited to have it, your brain convinces you that it (whatever it is) works.

That’s not the case with the Eight Sleep Pod Pro Cover. It worked on day one and continues to help deliver a good night’s sleep for both myself and the “blast furnace. “Clinical studies at UC Berkeley show that temperature is highly effective in improving sleep: 20% people fall asleep faster, up to 20% sleep deeper, and sleep with less interruptions.

As compared to some of the “big guns” in the sleep industry, Eight Sleep Pod Pro Cover is a more affordable, high-tech option that won’t leave you losing sleep over the investment. ■

Specs and Facts:
Fits seamlessly onto your current mattress — Add the Cover to any 10″-16″ mattress,
staying securely in place night after night.
Dual-Zone Cooling & Heating — With dual-zone temperature control, set each side of the Cover to anywhere between 55°F-110°F. Schedule on and off times from the Eight Sleep app.
Smart Temp Autopilot — New ambient sensors measuring room temperature and humidity allow the Pod Pro to automatically maintain your ideal thermal environment.
Advanced Sleep Tracking — Individual sleep tracking on each bed side, supporting two sleepers. Metrics include sleep stages, sleep time, toss and turns, and more.
Daily Health Insights & HRV Monitoring — Includes analysis of Respiratory Rate, Resting Heart Rate, and Heart Rate Variability, all key indicators of your physical wellness.
GentleRise™ Smart Alarm — GentleRise silently wakes up each individual with chest-level vibration and gradual temperature change.
iOS/Android App — Control all Pod Pro features and review sleep and health insights. Each sleeper can use the app on their own phone.

By David Wallach

By David Wallach

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