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9 Ways Technology Can Improve Employee Engagement

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One of the biggest challenges for most companies is how to build a strong company culture. Investing in a positive working environment can promote productivity and encourage your employees to be more responsive and goal-orientated.

Your goal should be to provide conditions that will improve communication and engagement. As a business owner, it is your job to increase productivity in your workplace. Every working environment is different.

You will need to find a way to implement changes that will increase productivity in your workplace.  One of the best ways to increase engagement is to invest in modern technology. Technology will change the way your employees work and deliver results.

Investing in modern gadgets and appliances is the best employee productivity strategy. It will create drastic changes in your workplace. If your staff can’t reach the desired productivity levels, in most cases, that is because your premises lack the necessary equipment. Determine your weakest points and start making changes in your office as soon as possible.

1. The advantage of group chats

Miscommunication in the workplace can lead to a variety of problems. If you and your employees fail to understand each other, you will experience delays. They may change the course of your business plans. Not being able to deliver a project on time can be frustrating, which creates more tension in your working areas. Encourage efficient employee communication by taking advantage of group messaging technologies.

Quality software that enables you to share vital information related to your projects and company goals will increase productivity. You will be able to monitor the progress and receive updates from people that work on specific projects. There are various communication tools for small businesses on the market.

There are so many free options available. It’s understandable if you’re considering free communication software. However, if you want to secure your chats, invest in end-to-end encryption software.

2. Solid collaboration environment

Your employees often need to share and compare notes. Brainstorming business ideas is ideal for morning gatherings. However, sometimes it’s not possible to call for a meeting every time someone has to share an important update. Start using technology to improve teamwork, and your company will flourish.

Note-taking technology can drastically improve collaboration among the members of your team. If your employees need to travel for work, sharing information with them through these technologies can save time. People can access this type of software across different devices. In other words, it will be easier to communicate with people who work from home or are attending an important business meeting in another city. Most of these technologies require little to no investment.

By using this software, your employees will always be able to attend the meetings regardless of their location. One of the most popular communication tools are Skype and Zoom. While there are many other options to choose from, these are the most reliable.

3. Simplify daily tasks

Once we enter the office, we encounter a variety of minor tasks that don’t take much of our time but require some level of effort. These small tasks do not affect employee productivity. However, your employees will have more time to dedicate to other projects if you secure conditions that will help them simplify daily tasks.

Technology can help you achieve that. With the right software, your employees will take less time to complete mundane tasks. It may also decrease the number of additional steps they need to take to complete their duties on time.

Password management software might be your ideal solution. If your files and information are password-protected, these tools will come in handy. They will enable your employees to access these files without having to remember and retype the password during new visits.

Another reason to consider investing in these technologies is that they increase data security. In large corporations and successful companies, password management software is a must. An average computer genius won’t be able to access your data, and your employees will have more time and feel less stressed.

4. Empower self-service

When more people are working on the same project, they need to be able to rely on each other. However, most of your employees have to rely on other personnel in the office at times when this option is not necessary. Provide gadgets and software that will enable your employees to print their paperwork and get the forms instead of taking a long walk to the HR department. If you’re trying to find new ways to increase engagement and productivity in your workstation, these technologies will enable you to accomplish your goals.

The members of your team will be grateful for the opportunity to perform all their duties. Being dependent on other workers may stress the people in your office. Once you enable them to cut out the main stressors, you will improve efficiency in your work environment.

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5. Training and education

Providing adequate training for all your team members is crucial for business development. Implementing acquired knowledge and skills will promote better organization and engagement. If your staff doesn’t participate in regular training, your competition will take over the market. Your team is the base of your success, and it’s vital to nurture all members.

However, it’s hard to fit learning in the schedule. Attending classes takes up a lot of time, which is why most employees can’t afford to engage in new activities. To ensure all your team members attend the crucial training, learn more about e-learning systems and virtual classrooms. These technologies are based on a traditional learning system. Depending on the software type, your employees will be able to attend training from their working area or home.

It’s vital to take into consideration all learning styles. Conjoining e-learning system with traditional methods will generate the best results. If your employees need to master new physical skills, they won’t be able to learn much while attending virtual classes.

6. Technologies for remote work

Ever since the global pandemic has started, we’ve put a lot of thought into remote work. The inability to interact with one another has taught us that working from home comes with a lot of benefits. While some jobs require physical presence, office work doesn’t have to be performed in the office. People can work from the comfort of their homes and deliver positive and encouraging results.

When the pandemic has started, we didn’t have enough time to test new conditions and adapt to switching from office to home. After a while, people realized that working from home can be beneficial both for the company owner and the employees. Being able to stay in your house to perform all your duties related to work is a blessing for most office workers. Remote work allows them to be the creators of their schedules, which improves productivity and engagement in your company.

Entrepreneurs can benefit from remote work, too. Instead of renting large premises to provide a spacious working area, you can use that money to invest in software for work from home or put it aside for other company’s needs.

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7. Improve employee engagement

Instead of pushing your employees to work harder, try different approaches and see that if you motivate them to work smarter, you will increase engagement and productivity. While some employees are willing to stay longer at the office or put more hours into getting things done, it’s not necessary to put the stress on their shoulders.

Instead of allowing your team members to work overtime, you can stimulate employee engagement using technology.

You can be as creative as you would like because there are numerous ways to encourage productivity in your workplace. For example, opening anonymous feedback channels can encourage your team members to motivate each other. Recognition and praise are vital for a happy and productive workplace. Try to embed the element of fun to give your office personnel a short break that will reset their focus.

Studies show that sending your employees encouraging messages or cute viral videos can drastically boost engagement. It will make them feel better, and that simple yet effective distraction from work will encourage changes. Investing in software that allows your employees to participate in anonymous surveys related to your work regime can help you learn more about their needs.

8. Fun corners that encourage rest

Promoting fun activities and rest at work can benefit you in many ways. When your team members don’t feel pressure to work all the time, the productivity in your workplace will rise. Give one corner in your premises a makeover and turn it into a place where people can hang out together or take a break from work.

Provide snacks and install appliances that will enable them to store food and reheat their meals. Mount a large screen on the wall and connect it to a PlayStation console to provide a source of fun.

A daily dose of caffeine can boost employee engagement. Ensure there are enough coffee machines in your company to provide each department with fresh nectar of life. That way, you will show your team members that you care about their well-being and satisfaction. Don’t forget to ask for feedback to determine what are the other ways to comfort your personnel.

9. Data protection and security

When sharing sensitive information with the people you work with, it’s normal to worry about the unauthorized transmission of your data. Data leakage is a common problem for larger companies, which is why it’s vital to invest in security systems that will protect your information at any cost.

Numerous software options on the market will ensure the transaction of information stays within your company. Overlooking this issue may harm your company. Using public Wi-Fi enhances the risk of security threats. Equip your office with devices your employees will use strictly for work. Accessing information from other devices can also create problems in the future.


Digital transformation can affect productivity and improve security. It introduces tools and techniques that will help you reach your business goals. You have to learn how to embrace modern solutions instead of nurturing traditional methods.

It’s time to invest in your employees and ensure they’re working in a comfortable and encouraging environment. Only then will you be able to notice changes that will keep your team members happy. Satisfied workers will deliver better results. If you want to improve employee engagement, start thinking about the solutions you can apply to encourage them to be more productive.

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