May 19, 2024

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9 Travel Tech Essentials That Will Upgrade Your Trip

No matter what your destination is, there are many things to keep in mind while packing luggage. Tastes and preferences vary from person to person. Taking tech-driven gadgets remains the first priority for global travelers for the seamless connectivity they bring. It is hard to stay without essential gadgets during travel and on reaching a destination.

Now that we know the benefit of technology, here is a list of travel musts to pack in your luggage. These travel gadgets will certainly make your trip stay sharp on connectivity and in performance.

1.   Video Recording Sunglasses

Spectacles 2 (Nico) made by Snapchat is a cool pair of water-resistant polarized camera glasses that doubles up as a sunshade. It captures high-definition beauty and scenery from your perspective. Take a few second videos by pressing the button and keep recording. To take a photo, just hold on the button. Built to survive poolside parties, the Snapchat glasses can even take a photo and video under shallow water.

Nico helps you make 70 videos on a single charge. Recharge on the go up to four times and share your moments on Snapchat. The other option is to export the pictures and share them with your friends, family members, colonial cousins, or distant friends. Along with the sunglasses, one gets a protective case, charging cable and cleaning cloth.

Photo by Alexunder Hess on Unsplash

2.   Noise Cancellation Headphones

When in flight, a traveler most likely feels the need to shut off the brain, put on a headphone, and listen to some good music. But for the noise around which makes a headphone seem incompetent. It also kills the spirit of seeking a break from city life and making travel comfortable.

Noise-free headphones help you listen to some good quality songs and podcasts without any sound interruption. The sound is rich and immersive, and the noise cancellation creates a feeling of personal space.

To hear the announcements around you, all you need to do is to activate the open-listening system. Removing headphones gets the sensors to pause music, which you can resume when you put the headphone on your ears.

3.   Wireless Router

An internet connection is a crucial lifeline and a virtual necessity for working-class, influencers, and travel bloggers. Writing emails, posting reviews, and sending official correspondence to e-greetings revolves around the internet, and router speed.

It is the modem wires which hamper the chances of carrying it to a workplace. A wireless router is portable, which is a major plus point. Carry it to the office or your home and work with double joy and performance.

4.   Smart Luggage

Dragging your fancy bag at the airport is like the last century. Switch to an AI-powered bag, a 21st-century creation of a robotics company ForwardX that drives itself at the airport doing away with the manual habit. How does it happen? Well, it uses the sensor technology to move with you without bumping into things ahead of it. The smart suitcase drives itself, saving you the bother. Before mounting AI-driven smart luggage on your car roof rack, ensure to charge it thoroughly.

5.   E-reader

Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

Traveling offers a unique opportunity to stay abreast of the novels and autobiographies. The Kindle is for the avid reader who wishes to fulfill the reading goals without stocking hardcovers.

Build your library in a Kindle and take your mystery novels and biographies with you to any part of the world.

A Kindle does away with the fear of hard copies getting soiled or torn. The lightweight digital experience brings colossal fun over a paperback.

6.   Powerstation Hub

Taking electronic items along for travel is not a kid show. To keep the e-devices charged at all times is a challenge for the travelers.

Instead of getting up from your in-flight seat to charge your smartphone or laptop, buy a Powerstation AC that charges your phone to a MacBook. The Powerstation is a great device for your multiple charging needs. It enhances the battery life of tablets, laptops, smartphones, and lets you browse and function with effective speed.

7.   Bose Frames

This tech-savvy combination of sunglasses and headphones is for those who like to wear their earbuds. The beauty of this device is that others around you won’t get any sound of what you are hearing.

Bose Frames does not cover your ears, yet you get to listen to your favorite Podcast. Just carry an additional headphone pair if you want to hear your favorite track once the sun sets down.

  8.   Portable Keyboard

A tablet keyboard is a gizmo for doing business while you are on the go. Smart and space-saving, a portable keyboard is a mini-laptop to use with a tablet or iPad. Carry it in your backpack and do your business with ease. It can function on any operating system and offers portability and versatility.

9.   Universal Adapter

Power needs for devices and appliances during travel need immediate attention. There are different systems and sockets available to suit a jet setter. The power adapters are compatible with multi-point outlets. So, you need not worry about your power needs when pursuing international travel.

Photo by Frederick Tubiermont on Unsplash

Extra Tips While Carrying Technology Products

There are many benefits to going on an international trip. But there is some degree of risk too with technological devices like mobiles, smartphones, laptops. Here are some guidelines on the use of these gadgets:

  • Get a country-specific travel adapter to fit the electrical outlet.
  • Avoid using public Wi-Fi and shared computers in public business areas.
  • Carry your device with you. Never leave it behind in the hotel room.
  • Refrain from using unknown storage devices.
  • Change your passwords.
  • Insta the latest Operating System in your laptop.
  • The antivirus software of the laptops should be up-to-date.


Traveling is a nice way to escape into adventure and discovery. But before stepping out do take along updated and working tech essentials for a smooth and memorable trip.




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