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70% Of Businesses Now Using 5G: Should You Get On Board?

In the middle of this year, a survey was commissioned by UK5G to assess the adoption of 5G across the UK. It found that 70% of UK businesses were already using – or planning to deploy – the updated services and networks, with the cost alone being the main reason that the number is not higher.

The representation came in four verticals: Health & Social Care, Transport & Logistics, Manufacturing and Creative Industries. These businesses had an average of 590 employees and takings of £261m per annum.

The Fault In The Survey

Although this is undeniably a positive thing for businesses, as much as 58% of the companies surveyed also stated that they would require guidance on how to actually integrate 5G into their existing infrastructure.

When it comes to smaller businesses that are yet to effectively integrate 5G, this is a problem. Suppose businesses with £261m revenue – who are essentially trail-testing the use-case of 5G – are not gaining information from MNOs (mobile network operators) on how to deploy 5G in the most commercially viable way. In that case, it seems that small businesses will have to work it out themselves.

So What Can Small Businesses Achieve With 5G?

It is predicted that 5G will be completely incorporated into the business world by 2025. If you are a business that has deployed – or is set to employ – the new network, then you might be wondering how it can be properly utilized.

Quite simply, faster speeds mean that business actions can be carried out in smaller time frames. This could be especially useful for B2B companies, who require quick and steadfast communication with partners in order to attain repeat custom. Relationships like this can be improved through speed alone, with more people and more devices set to communicate in a way that will drastically improve how the business functions.

How Should Small Businesses Effectively Utilize The Network?

In terms of standing out and making the most out of 5G, there are plenty more benefits it can give a company over speed and efficiency. It can, for instance, be utilized to give start-up businesses a stronger team. With many businesses operating remotely, the connection is vital to keep everything efficient and fast-moving in a digitized space.

With 5G, start-up businesses would be enabled to widen the search for employees and open up the talent pool. Improved connectivity will help this to be plausible and effortless while also keeping an employee engagement programme running smoothly, even if employees are spread globally.

AI And VR Can Also Boost Your Company

In terms of customer analysis and experience, it can also help to power AI and VR technologies to transform traditional industries.

If integrated properly, AI could boost revenue by easing up the process of data collection, saving time amongst the workforce to focus on specific tasks and improve the B2C customer experience with AI-based chatbots.

VR, similarly, can be utilised to help customers worldwide get an immersive experience of your business and services from the comfort of their own homes. This will bridge the gap between physical and digital purchasing experiences and help to streamline target audiences, but it can only be achieved through a strong and stable connection, which is what 5G supplies.

Whether you are planning to integrate these updates in the next year or the next few years, it is important to not only embrace 5G but understand how it can be deployed effectively. In a few years, this is going to set companies apart and help customers distinguish their preferred buying experience, so it is important to keep on track and be prepared, proactive and enthusiastic about these innovations.

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