December 6, 2023

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7 Destinations That Will Pay You To Visit Once The Pandemic Is Over

Many of us have become shut-ins by force due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Staying home has its perks, but many people have been planning their next vacation since lockdown began. With so many nations across the world experiencing economic hardship due to the pandemic, some have plans around increasing tourism to restore economic standing.

Tourism was one of the industries hit the hardest by COVID-19. Flights, accommodations, excursions, and tourist attractions closed and canceled, leaving in its wake disappointed travelers and worried public officials. Some of the most intriguing destinations across the globe are inviting you to visit with a juicy financial incentive to get you there. Grab a roof top tent and road trip through exciting destinations across the globe on a budget.


Photo by Deniz Fuchidzhiev on Unsplash


Although Bulgaria is the first on the list, it won’t pay you to visit. But Bulgaria has made all tourist attractions free to any visitors. That means Bulgarian beaches, umbrellas, tables, and chairs will be free of charge.

If you have never considered Bulgaria as a travel destination, you may want to reconsider. The varied terrain of Bulgaria will keep everyone occupied. This diverse country offers miles of black sea coastline to lounge on.

It also has miles of mountain and interior rivers to explore. The cultural diversity of Bulgaria will offer a glimpse into the lives of greek, Persian, and Slavic tradition, leaving you with plenty of experiences to write home about.

Make sure to put Bulgaria, and all it’s free tourist destinations on your list.


Photo by La So on Unsplash

Sicily, Italy

The island region of Sicily is leading the way in tourism incentives. Since COVID-19 hit, Sicily has agreed to cover up to half of all flight costs for foreign travelers and provide one in three nights free in any Sicilian hotel. Sicilian officials have also considered eliminating fees from museums and other tourist attractions to entice new visitors.

If Italian food and culture don’t make you want to visit Sicily, the gorgeous scenery will. Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean, situated south of Italy. The Italian culture runs deep with historical monuments like The Valley of Temples.

If history doesn’t float your boat, then exploring the beautiful coastline and gazing at one of Europe’s highest active volcanoes may do the trick. Sicily is an amazing destination to learn about Italian culture, eat amazing food, and soak up the sun. And once the pandemic is over, you can do all that for half the price.


Photo by David Emrich on Unsplash

Cancun, Mexico

Following Sicily’s lead, Cancun has created its own tourism incentives to get travelers back to beautiful Mexico. The Cancun Hotel Association created the “Come to Cancun Two for One Campaign” which will offer two nights of accommodations for every two nights you stay.

Cancun is also offering to reimburse plane ticket costs to entice you to bring a plus one. Together, this makes visiting Cancun a steal.

If you don’t already know about Cancun, it has striking white beaches and bright blue ocean to enjoy. You can snorkel, scuba dive, and so much more on the coast alone. If sun and sand aren’t your things, Cancun has mangroves, lush jungles, and other adventures to explore.

Photo by Manuel Cosentino on Unsplash


Unlike the other destinations on this list, Japan’s travel incentives are only for domestic travel within Japan. Japanese officials have created a $12.5 million campaign designed to help domestic tourists see all that Japan has to offer.

They will be offering steep discounts and travel vouchers to entice travelers to see their most popular destinations. This island country is complete with beautiful national parks situated around giant mountains, relaxing beaches, and cities bursting with culture.

Even if you are a foreign tourist, Japan is worth the visit.

Photo by Benjamin Davies on Unsplash

The UK

Similar to Japan’s domestic tourist incentive, the UK has announced they will be offering discounts and promotions to increase domestic travel once the pandemic has lifted. Even though this doesn’t encourage foreign travel, UK residents receive monetary incentives to vacation domestically.

The goal is to increase domestic tourism before focusing on foreign tourism. Of course, the UK experience includes visiting Big Ben in England, exploring the Scottish countryside, and taking in the unbelievable scenery in Whales.

Photo by LSD for Society on Unsplash


Cyprus is offering a unique deal for travelers who test positive for COVID-19 at the airport. They are offering to pay for all travel expenses for anyone with COVID-19 and the expenses for their travel companions.

This eastern Mediterranean island country has one of the most gorgeous coastlines in the Mediterranean. Complete with coastal resorts, historical churches, ancient churches, and buzzing nightlife, Cyprus will be a recurring destination on your travel list.

Photo by Guido Coppa on Unsplash

Las Vegas, USA

The Entertainment Capital of the Wold has an interesting incentive to get travelers back to Las Vegas, Nevada. One hotel CEO, Derek Stevens, has offered up to 1,000 free flights to Las Vegas once the pandemic is over.

He created this campaign to increase tourism and to help Las Vegas keep its reputation as one of the most entertaining cities in the world. With hundreds of casinos, all-inclusive hotels, some of the best nightlife in the world, and tons of attention-grabbing shows, there is something for everyone in Las Vegas.

Even though so many amazing destinations are opening their doors (and their wallets) to foreign and domestic travel, some destinations are still impacted by COVID-19.

It’s important to do your research before traveling anywhere, but especially during a global pandemic. Make sure you know where you’re going and what to expect once you get there. As our new normal shifts, staying open-minded is key to enjoying all these destinations have to offer.

With time and patients travel will resume as normal and you can enjoy all of the financial incentives offered by some of the most breathtaking destinations on the planet. Until then, enjoy your local scenery and stay well.




By Amelia Cooper

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