March 4, 2024

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5 Study Resources to Pass Amazon AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional Exam

How to Use Practice Tests Effectively?

As more businesses embrace flexibility, scalability, and performance using cloud solutions, it’s critical that professionals are enabled to offer them. That’s why training with the right tools and gaining modern competencies must be emphasized.

This post discusses the best study resources to pass the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional exam (SAP-C01 by code) which can help you advance your career and obtain the desired recognition in the industry. Are you ready to know the best study approaches and why you need to take this test at all? Then keep reading and you’ll find the answer.

Main Reason to Sit for SAP-C01 Exam

The main benefit you get after acing SAP-C01 test is the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional credential. This certification requires you to have at least 2 years in administering cloud applications on AWS and validates your skills in the following areas:

  • Designing for business complexity,
  • Designing and deploying new solutions,
  • Planning for migration,
  • Providing cost control,
  • Continuous improvement of performance targeting existing solutions.

Since this badge relates to a high level of the AWS certification program, you can find its content quite difficult. That’s why the resources you use during preparation should be good enough in exploring the indicated domains, and below, you’ll find some of the best options.

5 Study Resources to Pass Your Certification Exam

1. AWS website

The official AWS website has the information you can count on during exam preparation. As you browse it, you’ll see the description of the exam requirements and various learning paths that include digital courses, instructor-led sessions, whitepapers, hands-on labs, and more.

2. com

This is a great online resource that you can explore when studying for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional test. avails updated study guides, flashcards, and other materials created by industry experts in line with current exam requirements. Thus, you can use them with no doubts about the quality of the information provided.

3. com

Learners have preferences when preparing for exams. There are those who feel more confident when they get one-on-one guidance, and then there are those who find out that video tutorials work best for them. If you prefer video materials, then YouTube is a good place to get an overview of the core exam areas.

4. LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning includes affordable preparation paths that you can use to advance your proficiency in the cloud principles and how to apply them to create viable applications on the AWS platform. Most of them give you a chance to study for free for one month before you pay.

5. Practice tests

Various portals provide revision materials called practice. These are collections of real exam questions compiled by the candidates that took previous assessments. Using them after mastering all the required topics, you’ll be able to put to test what you’ve been learning. These files will surely evaluate your progress if you train with them much and also will boost your confidence by allowing you to check your progress and get used to the exam environment.


Achieving outstanding exam outcomes demands outstanding study resources. With the list provided, you can choose the options to work with. It’s going to depend on how much time you still have before taking the assessment as well as what are your studying preferences. Register for the test, then create a study plan that will be perfect for you and don’t forget to include practice tests in your set of preparation tools. Dedicate yourself wholly to the course and you’ll bag great results!


By I&T Today

By I&T Today

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