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4 Apps That Are Essential for Studying

Undoubtedly, every student possesses some digital device, be it a laptop, a PC, or a smartphone. However, when it comes to the graduates, voluminous surveys showed that youngsters tend not to reveal the potential of their devices concerning academia fully. As a result, the aim of the article is to give a clear picture of what studying applications are capable of, be it a writing app for students, some essay writing help, online editors, or clouds.

Google Docs

First and foremost, Google Docs is free and available offline, which means that you can efficiently work or write an essay without worrying that something may happen. What is more, it is a superb set of tools, which allows you to do everything literally with your document: you can easily set access for specific people for a doc, or you can transfer it into the other mail address, and so forth. Interestingly enough, this app is one of the most used software on the globe. You can write, edit, proofread on desktop, tablet, or mobile screen. The interface is simplified, yet amazing to ensure you have a 24/7 connection no matter where you are. 

Moreover, you can download the document in various formats, starting from .docx and ending with .epub. While speaking of the aforementioned tools of the app, you can also use Google Drive, which is a top-notch cloud with 15GB of free space, which is connected to your e-mail address and is synchronized so that you can be sure that your files are backed up, and you can sleep without any second-thoughts. 


To say nothing of this app, Grammarly aims to substantially help you in writing that tiresome history-related paper or writing an application to your most desired educational institution. Committing a mistake would mean a tragedy to you. However, thanks to Grammarly, your essay is likely to be written in an impeccable as well as an unprecedented way, which, in turn, is to give you additional points by a professor or a committee. Except for typo fixing and grammar indications, Grammarly also offers you style changes based on audience type, your primary goal of the paper, and synonyms to overused words. Besides, there is also a robust and credible plagiarism checker where you can look up whether your text is clear and unique. 

Furthermore, those who revealed the full potential of Google Docs know that Grammarly and Google Docs cooperated, and now you can correct your mistakes directly during the writing process in Google Docs. It is an excellent feature that aims to save your time as well as concentration on the paper. Meaning that you can work without any distractions in Google Docs, fixing your typos precisely there. Indeed you can copy-paste your text straight to Grammarly in order to review whether you missed something or whatsoever. Simply add Grammarly to your documents and start taking advantage of it. 


Stop wasting paper on flashcards with words and definitions for the following vocab quiz! Quizlet offers you a digital alternative, where you can create study sets, share with your classmates, edit them, and even create some tournaments related to the material. The app has a plethora of options for learning, which means that, if you study philology, for instance, you can have a couple of given definitions to the term to pick, or you can write it on your own, or you can brush up your perceiving and test yourself by combining words within a given time. All in all, the app has two options: free and for $1.67 monthly (or $19.99 annually). 


This is an uppermost note-taking app for the reason that not only can you write down your info and save it on purpose, but also you can use specific tools to draft your answers, tag your content so you can quickly recall it, highlight crucial pieces of information, and many more. Moreover, you can add images to the notes, collaborate with people, and share documents with them by one tap or click. There are two versions of the app, free and paid. Compatible with Android and iOS.


The applications, as mentioned earlier, were not initially created to help students to deal with academia. However, graduates may well make use of them for the reason that today’s system of education requires to express opinions on papers, write a lot, and be able to work with lots of information. As a result, the apps, such as Google Docs (which stands for brisk writing regardless of location), Grammarly (helps you to express your opinions in terms of grammar, etc. fully), Quizlet (enables you to memorize tons of info), and Evernote (helps you to not forget about something important) are reliable friends that aim to improve your studying process.

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