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After providing us with incredible technology, inspiring personalities, and a look at how captivating inventions can change in the future, CES 2017 has officially wrapped up. Because Innovation & Tech Today covered the event from the very beginning, we saw all of the best that the 50th anniversary of the conference had to offer.

The very first media day of CES showcased some truly fascinating technology. Some of these interesting pieces of tech include the connected footwear offerings from Digitsole, the connected application usage of Stringify, and the robotic caretaking abilities of Avatar Mind’s iPal. Additionally, we saw the LEMON California Roll, a solar-powered speaker that looks to further the future of sustainability without compromising when it comes to appearance or sound quality.

Additionally, we were able to take an inside look at the future of IoT (Internet of Things). One major focus amongst these IoT offerings was boosting the way we rest. The Wireless SleePhones, a combination of a headband and headphones, allow you to easily listen to white noise during bedtime without disturbing anyone. Another great piece of IoT tech we saw that looks to improve the bedtime is the the Beddit 3 smart sleep tracker. The device, a band that fits under your top bedsheet, records data from your time spent asleep in order to help you increase your restfulness.

Beyond IOT technology meant for sleeping, we also got to take a look at Sen.se’s SensePeanuts. The devices, which receive their name from their peanut-shaped design, are smart sensors that connect to your smartphone with Bluetooth. Depending on which brand you choose, the SensePeanuts perform a variety of tasks. For example, the GuardPeanut allows you to easily track your purse or luggage in case of theft while the ThermoPeanut helps to detect changes in temperature that can result in home damage from frozen pipes.

But CES 2017 wasn’t all about the amazing tech we saw, it was also the tech we got to experience. For example, we got to test drive (although drive may not be the right word) a driverless car manufactured by Hyundai. The company’s autonomous Ioniq vehicle impressed during the test ride, offering for smooth and safe travel that will likely become the norm in the coming years.

In addition to covering the amazing offerings from CES on our website, we also posted plenty of video content on our Facebook and YouTube pages. This includes a video demonstration of Samsungs’s new VR 4D, live feeds from our pavilion, and exclusive interviews with Justin Wren and Akon.

CES 2017 was a monumental event with tons of memorable moments, fascinating personalities, and intriguing looks into the future. We’d like to give a special thanks to MikeVision, EcoloBlue, Geostellar, Modulus and JumpSport for making the event possible. With one of the greatest events in the 50 year history of CES, the year 2017 is definitely off to a great start.

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