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What To Share For #MyCES50

CES 2017 is in full swing, and we’ve already seen some amazing new technology and influential speakers. However, while we’re admiring the future of technology, we’re also taking a look back at the 50 year history of the event. We’re encouraging our followers to use the hashtag #MyCES50 along with a memory from the past of CES. Interested in participating? Let’s take a look at some ideas of what to share for #MyCES50.

Your Very First CES

The first Consumer Electronics Show was held in 1967, beginning an annual tradition of celebrating new technology. Every year, many attendees experience their very first time at the event and have amazing stories to tell. Whether you saw the earliest CES shows or have joined the event in the new millenium, feel free to post what you remember most about your very first CES.

Exciting Tech

CES has seen no shortage of revolutionary technology unveiled over the years. While the very first event may have showcased transistor radios, decades later we‘re looking at self-driving tech and drones. Were you around for the unveiling of Microsoft’s first XBox, the launch of DVDs, or even the offerings from the very first event? We’d love to hear about it.  

An Unforgettable Photo

Because CES is a commemoration of the many innovations in tech, we should be very appreciative of the evolution of cameras. While taking a photo at the very first CES may have been a hassle, it’s now as simple as tapping on your phone. Whether you caught an amazing moment with an early digital camera or the latest iPhone, it’s definitely worth sharing.

Sharing Inspiration

While CES is a celebration of all things tech, it’s also a showcase of some of the great minds and industry vanguards behind the technology that we love. The event allows these great people to share not only their stories and ideas, but inspire the crowds around them. If you had a speech or panel that meant a lot to you from years past, it’s the perfect opportunity to share on social media.

In 50 years, CES has been able to create many memories, and this year’s event is sure to create many more. So join in the tradition. Use #MyCES50 and share your stories with the world. We’ll be sharing ours, and we’re excited to see yours.

When you share your stories with us, you also have the chance to win prizes! In celebration of CES 50th anniversary we’ll be randomly selecting posts that share a memory or photo from a past CES with the #MyCES50 hashtag to win one of our awesome giveaways.

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January 23, 2017
By I&T Today

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