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By I&T Today

4 Innovative Investment Apps for Millennials

Millennials don’t have to be on Wall Street to be stock market rock stars. With smartphones, investing can take place anywhere in the world – even in the comfort of your own bed while you’re watching Netflix. Recently introduced investment apps have programmed systems that create portfolios based upon your personal interest.

These new microsaving apps can provide stability in a volatile market. There is no need for hours upon hours of market research; nor does one need a large surplus of income to start investing. There are better ways to be smart with your money. You won’t be rich overnight, but you will be on track for a vast fortune. The wolf isn’t the only animal on Wall Street anymore.

1.Stash Invest


A great starting place for aspiring investors. This is an automated investment app that has a $5 deposit fee. Account holders decide what is important to their financial goals and automated advisors offer a plethora of investment options. There is a $1 monthly fee on accounts under $4,999 with the first three months free. Accounts at or above $5,000 have their annual fees at .25% of the balance.

2. Clink Savings


The microsaving app designed directly for saving and investing money for millennials. The app links investing to spending money on social activities – i.e., shopping and dining. The app includes the following: no fees, inexpensive investment options, mobility, an algorithmic portfolio of exchange traded funds (ETFs), and modern app features.

3. Robinhood


Another mobile-friendly app for frequent stock or ETF traders. You will spend $0 dollars on deposits and trading cost. A quick and easy way trade a large number of stocks with no-hassle sign up. The downside is that one cannot trade bonds, mutual funds, or options. Even though Robinhood has limited trading choices, the company has stated that there will be more investment options in the future.

4. Acorns


For those who want to invest their money without the usual hectic and frightening factors that come with the stock market. An optimized formula driven platform for investing any amount of money, including $1 or less. Accounts under $5,000 incur a monthly fee of a $1 per month; if above $5000 there is a .25% yearly fee. The best feature is that if you’re under 24 or receiving a college education there are no fees at all.

by Cole Conway


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4 Innovative Investment Apps for Millennials

April 23, 2017
By I&T Today

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