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Tired Of The Same Old Social Media?

Think Twitter for Groups

Launched earlier this month, a new app is hoping to change how we use social media. Grollow combines the regular practice of group texting with hopping on and off social media sites to see what your favorite follows are up to. Imagine you’re on the phone checking in on a couple of your favorite Twitter follows having an important conversation with you.

Before the app, you’d have to follow both of them individually and then sort through all the commentary from everyone else following. Today, all you’ll have to do is follow their group conversation in one place.

CEO and Founder, Jeff Gentile said, “The original idea came about four or five years ago while on a group text with some friends. But the true proof of concept came while listening to sports talk radio. A host asked an athlete to add him to their team’s group text; promising he’d only follow along and never text anything.”

Along with Co-Founder, Sam Bouter, the duo built Grollow to allow groups to share conversations with their audience, while at the same time, “Grollowers” as they call the audience, will be able to follow and talk to each other. Both founders believe they can be the catalysts to bring social media tech development to the forefront with their company launch. Gentile brings an extended career of marketing and sales while Bouter handles the programming and coding.

With 2.9 billion social media users across the globe and 1.5 billion millennial social media users alone, Grollow estimates their Total Available Market is conservatively… a gazillion. Realistically speaking, social media usage is growing rapidly and will be over 5 billion by the year 2025, thus the duo sees both a gap in social media and a huge opportunity to capture and ride the growth trajectory.

For more information and to say you were there at the beginning, download Grollow now from the App Store and the Google Play store.



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August 28, 2020
By innotechtoday

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