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Lift Off! The Weekly Buffer Podcast is Now Live

You may have seen our live Facebook show called The Weekly Buffer. I’m sad to inform you that it’s dead, but we have good news that may help you move on just a little faster (But please, feel free to continue to mourn).

The good news is …

We Started a Podcast!

That’s right! Out of the ashes of our former show crawled a new way for you to get your tech fix for 15 minutes a week. In The Weekly Buffer podcast, we cover three of the hottest (and sometimes obscure) topics in tech and science to give you something cool to talk about with your friends and key you in to new developments.

Below is our first episode. Episode 1. And while we’re still figuring out our sound equipment and style (so bear with us please), we think you’ll enjoy the substance. After all, a misshapen turkey is still better than tofurky.

In this episode, we cover how is 3D printing changing the food and medical industry, what our robot overlords will look like, and how filmmakers are incorporating science (or ruining it) in sci-fi films.

If you like what you here in this episode, we have a lot more coming. We’ll publish every Tuesday and we’ll soon be on Apple Podcasts, Google Play Podcasts, and Stitcher (all coming soon). For now, you can just get each episode right here on our site.

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October 16, 2018
By Dylan Rodgers

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