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Tech News to Know This Week: Jan. 10-16, 2023

Every day we wake up, drink a cup of coffee, and get ready for work. Following are a handful of stories from around the tech world condensed to fit into a single cup of coffee. These are the things you need to know before you step foot out of your door (or in front of a webcam) and into the real world this morning.

So sit back, grab a cup, and start your morning off right with a few “Quick Bytes” from Innovation & Tech Today.

EV Sales Gain Ground in 2022

EV sales in 2022 leapt by two-thirds compared to the previous year. Tesla was still the leader in the space, but other manufacturers cut into that lead, suggesting a subtle yet steady shift in market share.

Auto makers sold 807,180 fully electric vehicles in the U.S. last year, or 5.8% of all vehicles sold, up from 3.2% a year earlier, according to year-end figures released this week by market-research firm Motor Intelligence. In comparison, total U.S. auto sales fell 8% in 2022 from a year earlier.  

Tesla accounted for 65% of total sales, while Ford moved to the number two spot with 7.6% of the U.S. market.

CES 2023 Wraps Up in Las Vegas

CES 2023 wrapped up Jan. 8, in Las Vegas. According to this year’s attendees of America’s largest tech expo, the event is finally getting back to becoming the spectacle it was before the “dark days” of COVID. 

More than 300 Fortune Global 500 companies registered, and close to 200 exhibitors announced new products. 

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ChatGPT Could Be Used by Hackers to Write Malware

ChatGPT, a AI-powered chatbot launched by OpenAI in November, 2022, is already being used by hackers to write malware. 

Analysis of chatter on dark web forums shows that efforts are already under way to use OpenAI’s chatbot to help script malware.

The technology has a wide range of applications including composing emails, essays, and code. 

However, powerful technology like ChatGPT, in the wrong hands, can spell disaster for users everywhere. 

Cybersecurity researchers at Check Point say the users of underground hacking communities are already experimenting with how ChatGPT might be used to help facilitate cyber attacks and support malicious operations. 

“Threat actors with very low technical knowledge — up to zero tech knowledge — could be able to create malicious tools. It could also make the day-to-day operations of sophisticated cybercriminals much more efficient and easier — like creating different parts of the infection chain,” Sergey Shykevich, threat intelligence group manager at Check Point told ZDNET.  

last year’s Twitter Hack Still a Concern for Millions of Users

A new report has revealed 200 million Twitter users may still be at risk following a bug in a Twitter application programming interface (API) that led to attackers gaining the Twitter accounts associated with emails.
While it was live, the vulnerability was seemingly exploited by multiple actors to build different collections of data. One that has been circulating in criminal forums since the summer included the email addresses and phone numbers of about 5.4 million Twitter users. The massive, newly surfaced trove seems to only contain email addresses. However, widespread circulation of the data creates the risk that it will fuel phishing attacks, identity theft attempts, and other individual targeting, according to Wired.

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