December 11, 2023

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Buyer’s guide: The Top 50 Most Innovative Products

Waste Reduction? More Like Reproduction

Right now, there are over seven billion people walking or crawling on the earth. Right now, North America ranks fifth in the world for population density behind Asia, Africa, Europe, […]

How Hemp Can Create a More Sustainable Future

By BEAU PETERS Although many global citizens are just now recognizing the wonders of hemp, humans have a rich history of co-existence with the hemp plant. Researchers at MIT, in […]

Catching Up With Bear Grylls


Catching up with Bear Grylls is an exercise in itself. The host and star of the Disney +/NatGeo series Running Wild with Bear Grylls, and appointment adventure TV fixture for […]

How Sustainability Can Drive The Commercial Real Estate Market And Our Planet Forward

In recent decades, there has been an increased emphasis on the importance of sustainability. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 12.6 million people globally die from environmental health risks annually with the pollution crisis reaching dangerous levels, further showcasing the importance of taking immediate action before reaching the point of no return.

A Green Tech Boom Could Solve the Ecological Crisis After COVID

During the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people excitedly analyzed positive environmental changes caused by the lockdowns associated with it. For example, air and water quality improved due to decreases in car and boat traffic. Environmental conservationists wondered if the pandemic could signal a remarkable improvement in sustainability.

Vans Are Becoming The Hottest New Electric Vehicle

General Motors surprised some industry watchers by making one of its 20 upcoming electric vehicles a commercial van. In addition, the electric van will be the third in a series of new vehicles coming out of the repurposed Hamtramck (Detroit) plant.

This Investment Group Says: “Do More to Fight Climate Change”

A group of 515 investors who manage assets totaling $35 trillion sent a stark message to organizations and governments worldwide: Do more to fight climate change by complying with the goals of the 2015 Paris Climate Accord “with utmost urgency,” according to a statement.

Tempe, AZ: Sustainable Community Going Young & Urban


Drive along the I-10/I-17 corridor recently? You may have noticed that Tempe has risen high above the desert floor, a vital regional and national center for Fortune 500 companies, many forms of innovation, technology, and tourism. 

How Sustainable Are Electric Vehicles Really?

It’s no secret that electric vehicles have a number of environmental benefits; however, it’s important that we take a critical look at this technology, rather than blindly follow it as our environmental savior.

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