December 11, 2023

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Buyer’s guide: The Top 50 Most Innovative Products

Is Web3 the Path to the Future?

web3 nft web semantic

From newspapers to radio and television, mass communication has traditionally been a one-way street.  Sure, readers could send a letter to the editor of their favorite newspaper or magazine, and […]

The US Needs to Invest in More EV Infrastructure

EV electric vehicle infrastructure

Electric vehicles (EVs) are quickly gaining ground in the United States. Manufacturers offer them in various makes and models, so it’s easy for buyers to find their ideal options. Technological […]

Is Mainstream Adoption of Cryptocurrencies Imminent?

cryptocurrency adoption tether stablecoin altcoin digital USD

On Wednesday, March 9, President Joe Biden released an executive order regarding cryptocurrency and how his administration intends to approach the rapidly growing industry in 2022. The executive order included […]

Lead Conversation Tips For A Recession Climate

lead conversations SaaS generation EZ Funnel;

Most entrepreneurs, companies, and marketing experts will agree that lead conversion is an essential aspect of growing a business. However, research suggests that most organizations fail to follow essential principles […]

How a Black Box in Your Car Can Lower Your Insurance 

black box car insurance tech

Data-driven premium calculations have helped insurance companies create more ad hoc policies for drivers, improving coverage quality, accessibility, and affordability. But, often, static indicators and rough estimations, such as driving […]

Trading Cards Find a New Home in NFTs

nft trading cards panini

The trading card industry has been resurrected from a doomed fate over the last two years. As COVID-19 began to rage around the planet, in a wave right behind came […]

Are NFTs a Fad or the Future? A More Critical Look

NFT blockchain future fad

Blockchain technology is moving at a blinding speed. NFTs, in particular, took the world by storm, providing investors an opportunity to become digital art collectors. The whirlwind of NFT madness […]

How AI and Blockchain Can Fight the Next COVID

ai blockchain covid technology

Artificial intelligence is being utilized in almost every piece of tech these days. Machine learningand computer vision are making self-driving cars and robot assistants a reality. But AI is more […]

The Hacksmith Creates the Ultimate Avenger

hacksmith james hobson iron man tony stark avenger lightsaber

Growing up, I was determined to become the world’s first superhero. How hard could it be?  I spent my days transforming my basement into a real-life Batcave, to the exasperation […]

The Hottest Back to School Tech for 2022

On average in America, summer break lasts about two and a half months, or 76.09 days, 1,826.16 hours or 6,574,176 seconds — you know if you’re counting down the days […]

Net Zero Water Challenge Innovations Spring Forward  

Spring sustainability water sector UK

Emission-cutting innovations from three global technology leaders are being accelerated through the UK water sector, thanks to new collaborative platform Spring.  Technologies from Siemens, Xylem and Cobalt Water Global are being mobilized […]

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