How to Use 3D Printing Resins Safely

3D printing resin safe toxic how to use 3D printer safely

3D printing resins open the door to all kinds of exciting projects, but they require some extra safety steps. There are dozens of 3D printing resins, many with unique properties […]

The Metaverse: The New Technology Revolution

metaverse web3 new technology

The term “metaverse” is a combination of the words “meta” and “universe.” Primarily, it refers to an anticipated future iteration of the internet, often hailed as Web 3.0. It will […]

Do I really need an Apple Watch Series 7?

And now for a little name-dropping. After spending the day riding my Super73 e-bike I was sitting under my new Toja Grid, with a friend listening to music on my […]

The Definitive Home Theater Experience

denon and speaker home audio home theater

In a very basic nutshell, quality home audio comes down to three things: a receiver, speakers, and technology all working together to create an immersive sound experience. Audiophiles take a […]

Social Issues Driving Innovation in Tech

Social issues have always been the preeminent force behind innovation, and technological innovation is no exception. After all, what is the purpose of technology if not to meet a human […]

How Is AI Changing the Environment for the Better?

Significant investments and research developments in artificial intelligence (AI) have made the technology a powerful asset in many industries — including environmental studies. AI isn’t a new technology, but businesses […]