How To Avoid Star Wars The Last Jedi Spoilers

The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is coming this Friday! Of course, you absolutely knew that because you’ve seen the trailers, tie-in commercials, and extremely well-written articles like this one. However, […]

Apple Acquires Shazam in $400 Million Deal


Competition in the music streaming industry is fierce, with companies constantly looking for a way to gain an edge. At present, Spotify leads the race with around 60 million subscribers […]

InnoTech Arcade: Brawlhalla


The fighting game genre has evolved numerous times throughout the years. From lifebars and combos to hyper violence and competitive play, fighting games have definitely changed since the days of […]

InnoTech Arcade -Super Slam Dunk Touchdown

InnoTech Arcade

Video game streaming has become extremely popular over the past few years. Esports events have grown exponentially and brands such as Twitch are on the way to becoming household names. […]

What to Expect from Black Mirror Season 4

Black Mirror

“Everything happens for a reason” was the mantra that echoed through the most recent Black Mirror Season 4 trailer that dropped yesterday. The new season is set to debut on […]

How to Explain the California Fires


For a brief moment, it seemed that California’s fire season was over. The fires in the northern part of the state that claimed 7,500 buildings, 44 lives, and $1 billion […]

The Problem With The Disney-Fox Deal


In case you haven’t heard, that one company that keeps buying companies and has vermin for a mascot is currently closing in on purchasing a large amount of 21st Century […]

Watch Your Own Adventure: Netflix Goes Interactive


Choose-your-own-adventure (CYOA) stories have long been a part of the storytelling landscape, selling around 250 million copies in the 80s and 90s. Especially for children, these classic books have provided […]

This YouTube Series Makes Pop Culture Edible


YouTube is packed to the brim with content. From late night clips to video game reviewers to… mashups of the Seinfeld theme and “Hollaback Girl,” there’s no shortage of videos […]

The Blue Bomber Is Back In Mega Man 11

Mega Man 11

In this day and age, we’re pretty used to our favorite video game characters having major comebacks. From Bomberman to Toejam and Earl, and even Bubsy, beloved game characters don’t […]

Artificial Intelligence Has a Racism Issue

Artificial Intelligence

It’s long been thought that robots equipped with artificial intelligence would be the cold, purely objective counterpart to humans’ emotional subjectivity. Unfortunately, it would seem that many of our imperfections […]

Can The Cleverbot Take Our Jobs?


We’ve known for quite some time that robots are going to take our jobs. It’s pretty much inevitable at this point, with some fantastically written articles on the subject being […]

Cyberspace’s ‘Whodunnit’ Problem


Whodunnit? This question is the foundation of mystery TV shows and films, and of many criminal prosecutions. And, as it turns out, it may be the most important cybersecurity question […]

Wonderfully Weird Christmas Songs


December is here! And you know what that means: we’ve already had an entire month of listening to Christmas music with another month to go. However, if you’re looking for […]

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Review

Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing must seem like a very strange concept to the uninitiated. You play as a human that lives in a small community full of animals. There’s no way to […]

Is Cereal The Next Big Video Game Add-On?


There has been no shortage of strange add-ons for video games throughout the years. One of the major developments was the release of Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure, which created an entire […]

Salinas Valley and the Future of Farming


By the year 2050, it is projected that the world’s population will hit 9.1 billion, 34 percent higher than today. According to a Food and Agriculture Organization report, food production […]

Pass That Pufferfish: How Dolphins Get High


We’ve known for quite some time now that dolphins are fairly similar to humans. After all, they speak different languages like humans, have names just like humans, and even… ahem, […]

How the New Tax Plan Will Affect Higher Education


It’s no secret that Trump’s administration has struggled to woo the tech and science communities. As evidenced by this year’s March for Science, and President Trump’s inability to name a […]

There’s A Chicken-Flavored Gatorade For Dogs


So, after reading that headline, I’m sure you’ve got no shortage of questions. Questions such as “Who are you?”, “Why are you writing about this?”, and “Why are you wasting […]

3 Innovative Ways to Trade Online


Today’s newcomers to financial trading get a significant head-start when it comes to learning the ropes; certainly more so than traders of 20 or even 10 years ago. Technology is […]