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Swiftpoint Z Gaming Mouse – Review

August 10, 2017
By I&T Today

When it comes to a gaming mouse, the Swiftpoint Z cannot be bested. With its unique capabilities, you can go from a noob to a legend simply by upgrading to this device. Placing one of these next to your keyboard will notify everyone who enters your room that they have a serious gamer on their hands. From flying, to shooting, to driving Halo’s notorious Warthog (always a good, old-fashioned test), this mouse does it all.

The first feature I’d like to point out is the customization. Whether your fingers are large or small, you can swap out the buttons on this mouse for a more suitable grip. Second is its design. With sleek black sides and aggressive forward edging, the Z looks kind of like a palm-sized Batmobile. Function, of course, is always top priority, but, if you’re going to upgrade to an accessory like this, you need that wow factor, and the Z definitely delivers.

Next is a feature that’s very important to any gamer: reaction time. I’ve noticed zero lag relay from this mouse even while playing a game that requires a powerful video card. Speaking of lag, another one of those annoying things for a gamer is trying to drive a vehicle while having to roll the mouse around a mousepad. You just have this little square to execute all of your movements, and that ends up becoming a nuisance while trying to make a quick getaway. Not with this mouse. Picture running up to an Apache helicopter on Battlefield. Just quickly shift your Swiftpoint Z on its platform, and boom! It becomes a joystick. Once the platform is equipped, instead of dragging your mouse all over the mousepad, all you need to do is control your hand like a joystick, and the mouse will direct the aircraft. This joystick ability also allows you to carefully peek around corners so you can get a direct headshot on your target without even being noticed – very useful for a Splinter Cell type game.

Lastly, is one of my favorite features. There’s a button located right above the clicker, which allows for an extremely easy reload. After blasting a clip into the opponent, there’s no need to locate a key on your keyboard.

With the Z, everything is you need to play is literally in the palm of your hand. If you want to have the most innovative gaming setup, you must be equipped with the proper battle station. Equipped with this award-winning, innovative gaming mouse, you can pair your gaming skills with the proper tools. After all, what’s a warrior without his weapon?

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