July 18, 2024

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Buyer’s guide: The Top 50 Most Innovative Products

Summer Standouts: Top Innovations for Summer 2024

The world of technology is heating up with groundbreaking innovations that promise to reshape our future. Below, we feature trending products across various sectors that are perfect to purchase for summer 2024!

Stay Safe!

HIKING BUDDY Outdoor First Aid Kit

Embrace the great outdoors with peace of mind. The HIKING BUDDY Outdoor First Aid Kit is your ultimate companion for any adventure – camping, hiking, fishing, or family outings. Packed within this compact, travel-friendly kit are 63 pieces of essential first-aid supplies. From treatments for allergies, insect bites, and burns, to headaches and minor pains, we’ve got you covered. Designed for convenience and efficiency, this kit is compact enough to fit any travel bag or backpack, ensuring you’re prepared for any situation without compromising space. $11.99


When it comes to staying safe in the ocean, one tool is just as important to pack as your sunscreen and sun hats for summer 2024: Sharkbanz! This unique ocean safety device was developed by marine biologists to deter sharks and stingrays so you can swim, surf, dive, and play with confidence. Its patented magnetic technology interrupts sharks’ electroreception–what they use to hunt and navigate, telling them to swim elsewhere. $128 

Get Outdoors!

anymaka Full Pack

anymaka offers the ultimate portable hammock stand, set up in just three seconds for instant relaxation anywhere, anytime. Ideal for backyards or campsites, it features multiple modes, easily converting from chair mode to lounge mode. This features eight adjustable points to accommodate various gathered-end hammocks and individuals of different heights, a sunshade with UPF50+ protection, adjustable to block direct rays and keep you cool, and more. $399

World’s Finest Pool Chaise

Relax and float the day away on our upgraded, ultra-comfortable, and extra buoyant pool chaise featuring 25% more foam than previous models. It features 2-inch-thick, closed-cell foam and a built-in headrest, and it is adjustable to fully upright, flat, and multiple reclining positions… so you can read, chat, or drift. The deep, integrated armrest cupholders keep drinks cool and upright, even while the float is fully reclined. $349

Beatbot AquaSense Pro

Beatbot’s AquaSense Pro is the world’s first smart robotic pool cleaner with multiple industry firsts. This groundbreaking all-in-one robot vacuum redefines today’s smart pool cleaning. AquaSense Pro leverages advanced electro and hydro-engineering with AI, setting a new standard in functionality and user convenience for summer 2024. $1,799

Watex Wheat Straw Plastic Stackable Garden Kit

Whether you’ve got a balcony needing color or a counter that could use a splash of interest, turn to Watex’s modular gardening solutions! This fresh design and green living brand is home to vertical and tabletop growing kits that help you nurture your green thumb regardless of the size of your space. Their sustainably-minded Wheat Straw Stackable Garden Kit is a fun way to bring nature inside and a thoughtful gift for the foodie, plant parent, or hostess on your list. $39

Smokeless Fire Pit Firemaster Bundle

Designed for the fire pit enthusiast, this bundle equips you with all the tools to achieve the ultimate fireside experience with ease. Includes X Series Fire Pit, Outpost Grill, Sear Disc, SearPlate Griddle, Base, Ash Shovel, and Lid. $1,134 

Stay Hydrated!

Universal Buddy

Say goodbye to your slim can or 12oz can cooler. Frost Buddy fits every 12oz can, slim can, 12oz bottle, & 16oz can / bottle all in one. It’s the only cooler you need! Turn it into a tumbler by adding our 100% leak-proof coffee lid. Double-walled stainless steel cupholder compatible with cold 12+ hours and hot 6+ hours. $39.99

PRO 21oz Limited Edition Drops

Drinking enough water each day and knowing how much to drink is hard. HidrateSpark makes it easy with a personalized goal, automatic tracking, and customizable drink reminders. In the box, find a hidrateSpark PRO bottle & lid, a SipSense-powered sensor puck, a fast charging cable, and quick start instructions. Limited Colors: Cotton Candy and Cool Matcha $74.99

OutIn Nano Portable Espresso Machine 

OutIn Nano Portable Espresso Machine for coffee lovers is a portable lightweight coffee maker that can heat water and produce high-quality espresso within minutes anywhere you go.  The Qutin Nano is portable, convenient to carry, and offers a self-heating function, allowing customers to pour in cold water and make an espresso this summer 2024. Compatible with coffee capsules and ground coffee OutIn Nano is also eco-friendly with a built-in cup that helps protect the environment by eliminating single-use plastic or paper cups. Choose from Red, White, Teal, Grey, and Forest Green. $139

Keep Moving!

FlipBelt Air Leggings

Kiss those bulky bump bags goodbye thanks to these sleek leggings, with plenty of pockets! NEW mid-weight crops featuring the lightweight, top-loading Airbelt. Secure your phone, gels, keys, and water bottle in the innovative AirBelt waistband for a seamless experience. Strategically placed top-loading and side pockets grant easy access to gels, snacks, and your phone. $60

Oru Lake

The Oru Lake is the most compact, lightest, and easiest-to-assemble rigid kayak. With an original origami-inspired, box-to-boat design, the Lake addresses the typical barriers to owning a hard-sided kayak- weight, storage, and transport. First conceptualized using construction paper, the full-sized Lake is die-cut from a single piece of abrasion-resistant, UV-treated corrugated plastic. Precisely placed folds are then applied to this sheet to form the hull of the Lake. Composed of only two parts and weighing 7.8kg, Oru’s Lake utilizes origami folds to allow transformation from a compact box into a 2.7m rigid-bodied kayak in under one minute. $399

Riptide Active Sunglasses

Offered exclusively with ChromaPop lens technology and RX compatible, the Riptide is available in highly scratch-resistant ChromaPop Glass polarized lenses or super durable ChromaPop polarized lenses, both designed to cut glare while enhancing contrast, definition, natural color, and unmatched clarity to see more detail. Providing 100% UV protection, each lens option features a smudge and moisture-resistant coating for easy cleaning and clear optics, plus an anti-reflective coating to improve clarity. $195 ChromaPop Polarized / $255 ChromaPop Glass Polarized

Be Connected!

Pixel Tablet

With an 11-inch screen and adaptive battery that is long-lasting, the Pixel Tablet is Google’s latest tablet that offers unmatched entertainment, seamless integration with Pixel devices, easy access to smart home controls, and more. With Hub Mode, your Pixel Tablet can become a smart home controller, music and entertainment player, voice-activated helper, or digital photo frame. $399 as a standalone and $499 with the Charging Speaker Dock


Experience a world of tranquility during summer 2024 with TREBLAB’s Z7 Pro noise-canceling headphones. Discover your favorite sound/music with ultra-comfortable headphones made of soft leather and memory foam. Each folding/compact headphone is designed with a 40mm driver to deliver a true balance of stereo sound. Jam out for days with a 45-hour battery life. Once depleted, each Bluetooth headphone with a microphone can be fully charged in 2.5 hours, or quick charge in 20 minutes for five hours of playtime. Pause, play, adjust volume, skip tracks, and activate a voice assistant with touch-enabled wireless headphones with a mic. Designed with auto-play to pause/play when taken off/on. $149.97

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