The Simple Way To Keep Track Of Your Passwords

The Simple Way To Keep Track Of Your Passwords


We live in a time of constant password remembrance. For every social media account, email account, shopping account, rewards account (you get the idea), you need to remember a unique password. However, what should be as simple as having to type in “password1” (which is not my password for the record…anymore) has grown into a complex and frustrating activity every time you have to sign in.

And I should know. I have an email account where I have to do a password reset every single time I use it. No, I’m not proud of it. But today, let’s take a look at something that may save me that trouble from here on out: the LastPass app.

First off, I must say that the login section of LastPass alone has one feature that should be universal amongst password inputs. After creating a password, you can add a “password reminder” in order to give you a hint the next time you log in. As someone that currently has around ten passwords in rotation, I find this extremely useful.

Once I began playing around with the app, I immediately noticed the useful features available. The first that caught my eye was the autofill form where you can enter basic info such as address, phone number, and even payment information, much like what you’ll find in many internet browsers.

Additionally, something I found very useful was the the “secure note” function. There’s plenty of different types of information you can save, from driver’s license information to social security and even health insurance. And, as you can imagine, the app stresses the amount of security for this function. In fact, the entire app is so secure it wouldn’t let me take a screenshot to use for this review. That’s some dedication right there.

The third main function of the app is the site reminder. This is where you can keep in all your login information for websites such as Gmail or Facebook for whenever you’d like to login. Additionally, you’re able to log in directly from the app’s browser, making a quick check of social media or email available at the push of a button.

In this password-crazy world, a service such as LastPass is definitely necessary. And, because it does much more than simply hold onto your passwords, you’ll be able to hang onto vital information while still keeping a sense of security. And, considering the amount of web hacks we’ve seen in the past year alone, that security is very valuable.


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